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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Soviet Tanks Advance

Warsaw Pact forces have achieved total surprise with an attack southwards from Bremen.

Soviet Forces are Advancing at Speed

This attack threatens to capture West Germany’s war production heartland and to surround the British Army of the Rhine defending Hanover. If this attack succeeds, NATO will find it almost impossible to form a coherent defence line east of the Rhine River.

Chieftain Tanks Defend the Ruhr

NATO has reacted strongly, counterattacking with British troops from both flanks of the thrust. Part of 3rd Armoured Division in the Hanover area has turned about and is advancing towards its own rapidly-retreating rear echelon, while the Gurkha brigade defending the Rhine bridges has been relieved and is re-positioning for an attack from the west.

The Gordons Arrive

West German and Netherlands forces have reacted with strong local counterattacks, but appear to be falling back in the face of overwhelming odds. There are reports of troop movements from the southern sectors to reinforce them.


  • AlohaRover says:

    Circles within circles

  • Hawk02 says:

    A dog pressed on a wall will fight harder ;-). He will defend his territory much harder.
    So the british buldog will do ;-).
    See you on the battlefield…
    Best regards Frank.

  • Michael Mosgaard says:

    Aha! The last grasp of a cornered enemy, his situation getting more desperate by the hour, soon we will be in Berlin and drinking beer from cafes on Unter den Linden 😀

  • Bulldog6 says:

    In the immortal words of Chesty Puller: “We got them right where we want them, poor SOBs”

  • HMS_Belfast says:

    The last decent British supreme commander died in 1852, what did you expect?

  • fingolfen says:

    Time to bring the hammer and the sickle… 😀

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Here we go lads! They don’t like it up them!

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Mother Crusher, he’s referring to the Battle of Leipzig in 1813, where Napoleon was soundly defeated by the Fifth Coalition. Those who don’t know history…

  • Mother Crusher says:

    Bayankhan, you need to lay off the Vodka, comrade. There has been no other ‘Battle for Leipzig’, this is the first time the NATO forces have managed to push into this sector. If you’re pulling something up from the books, might I suggest not? The books and this campaign are now two separate entities, and BF might be using this campaign for their own timeline in future…

  • bayankhan says:

    I think Custer’s comment is more appropriate for US III Corps. “Where did all those Indians come from?” I don’t think your SACEUR remembered the outcome of the last battle for Leipzig. The western alliance was soundly beaten and ended up on the Rhine a month later. So if I were the Tommis I wouldn’t count on getting help from that direction.

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Oh, no doubt you held that line well. Too bad your flanks crumbled.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    The WarPac talk a big game, and yet dashed themselves on the wall of Hanover . The British I Corps still stands proud.

    In my own Clans motto: I Byd It. (I endure it )

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    It’s simple, really. We did not so much leave the door open as we invited you in so we can then close the door behind you can crush you. We did learn some things from the Germans in the last war.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    I see they Soviets are all talk, but have left their rear open

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Fools, they think we are surrounded, it is them, in a double envelopment. What did the US say in Bastogne. You poor bastards.

  • Red Alert says:


    Look how their capitalist leaders sacrifice their pawns.

    The Hanover pocket is the first success of many to come.


  • Tgunner91 says:

    Yeah, but watch your rear Ivan. The US Army is about to put you in the sack too!! Like good old Gerogie Patton use to say, ¨Ḧold them by the nose and kick ´em in the @_ _ !!

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    The Ruhr Kesselschlacht shall finally bring NATO to its knees!

  • M. Nisbet says:

    You mean, where I requested the II Corps to deploy? They aren’t there? Huh…

  • K. Alexander says:

    A cornered bulldog can still rip the throat out of any bear.

    Come at us.

  • Nikolai Zhukuv says:

    We will have the total victory comrades!

  • Vladimir Orlovsky says:

    We have done it to the 6th Army in Stalingrad, and we have done it again this time to the British!

  • fingolfen says:

    Now we just need to complete the encirclement and reduction of the British Army…

  • Anton Nikolayevich Sokolov says:

    What do the Germans call this? Kesselschlacht?

    Cut off the British while their Yankee friends march into a pocket of their own making.

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    True Comrade, very true. Our maskirovka has worked like a charm.

  • bayankhan says:

    The real trap is in Leipzig, where the 7th and 8th Guards Tank Armies and 13th Army are moving onto the flank of the enemy!

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Just a little surprise for NATO! They thought they had us stalled in Hanover, but little did they know we were dragging them further into our trap.