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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

T-55 tanks advance

Both NATO and Warsaw Pact forces have responded quickly and strongly to the recent offensives in Germany, slowing the recent Blitzkrieg advances to a crawl. Some experts are suggesting that the war is about to enter a stalemate phase leading to hope that an end to hostilities can be negotiated. Other sources are citing the call up of reservists and waves of volunteers, along with mobilisation of industry to produce war materials, as evidence that the war will continue for quite some time yet.

Berlin Offensive Stalls

An immediate and violent response from the Warsaw Pact armies blunted the US thrust towards Berlin, cutting off several units that had advanced beyond their immediate support. After regrouping, the US forces have continued the offensive, but are finding it difficult to make headway against constant and strong counterattacks.

Limited Gains towards the Ruhr

The surprise Warsaw Pact offensive towards the Ruhr caught NATO off guard, allowing some initial gains. NATO responded quickly by gathering all available forces and launching a series of counterattacks on the flanks of the penetration. The Warsaw Pact spearhead is still making gains, but the speed of the advance has slowed to a crawl.

Arnhem Holds Out

Despite withdrawing troops to oppose the Ruhr offensive, NATO forces in Amsterdam are gaining the upper hand. The Warsaw Pact thrust for the channel ports has stopped, and local counterattacks are starting to force their spearheads back.

Hanover Pocket Holding Out

Despite the threat of fining themselves in s pocket, cut off from the rest of the NATO forces, the British are fighting hard around Hanover, giving as good as they get and trading blow for blow with the Warsaw Pact forces.

Frankfurt Safe – For Now

The Warsaw Pact forces are slowly making headway here, but there’s no sign of a breakthrough in this slow attritional battle, especially now that both sides have shifted their focus elsewhere.

German Counterattacks in Bavaria

German forces are starting to recover towns and villages overrun by the Warsaw Pact thrust through southern Bavaria. Many of these have been fought over several times, and are now little more than burned-out ruins. Several families were rescued from the basement of one building where they had been hiding since the fighting started.