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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Recent press releases from NATO are proclaiming a turning point in the war in Europe with the Soviet offensives blunted and their own attack towards Berlin progressing well. Meanwhile steadily-lengthening lists of missing and dead, along with a lack of detail about the progress of the advance in official reports have led to speculation that things are not progressing as well as they are being presented. Rumours of the imminent destruction of the British Army of the Rhine have led to protests and strikes in major British cities.


  • Bosje says:

    I’m sure we’ll be seeing the Brits or Wessies in our HQ soon, to sign their unconditional surrender to our victorious Soviet forces.

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Ash says Bla, Bla, Bla. Looks as in depth as your battle reports.

    We are driving into your homeland and will soon have your women.

  • Ash says:

    Bla, Bla, Bla… 😀

  • Kubikhan says:

    Look at it this way: if NATO is on the offensive anywhere in Phase I of a WTO invasion, the correlation of forces do not favor the WTO. The Reds should have NATO back on their heels on all fronts, and they don’t. I’d call that a win!

  • Tgunner91 says:


    I´m guessing that you´re a big Battle of the Bulge fan….

  • Storm Caller says:


    This could be a language challenge for you? First, we don’t wear “shoes” we wear boots to combat!

    I believe there an American country singer who can tell you where we are going to put them!

    What size boot do you take?

    To quote a quicksilver (AKA K. Meyer) “Just saying”



  • bayankhan says:

    Mienen Kameraden, my Intelligence Officer just reported that many of the fascisti prisoners taken over the weekend were carrying hoses and siphons. Also that captured missile vehicles were completely devoid of missiles, and anecdotal reports from our valiant foot soldiers who captured them said that the NATO soldiers were displaying insane bravery to carry away even a couple missiles from the wrecks before they torched. His conclusion, which I must support, is that the NATO offensive is on a shoestring of logistics, and NATO is almost out of antitank missiles. He suspects, as do I, that the hoses were not for prisoner interrogation but instead for siphoning benzin from captured Traubes. (Good luck with that, Amis. The most expensive part of the Traube was the benzin in the tank, and frugal German workers have doubtless beat you to it and buried their benzin for future use, after the war, like their ancestors did potatoes).

  • Michael Mosgaard says:

    Clearly if we haven’t lost then we must have won! Ergo we are winning, logical! 😀

  • K. Meyer says:

    Our advance to Berlin is moving forward as planned! The PSYOP campaign has worked perfectly in making our enemy believe we are not doing as well as we claim. When actually we are!

    To our British counterparts, hold fast…hold steady we are with you! To our enemy, the Bulldog is a scrappy fellow looking to rip your throats out!

  • fingolfen says:

    Fake News!!! (Had to be said…)

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Also, I venture that the Poles and East Germans have a differing opinion on the “Berlin attack progressing” statement.

  • Jeremy says:

    If “well” means the slaughter of their troops, then the attack goes well.

  • Jeremy says:

    If “well” means the slaughter of their troops, then the attacker goes well.

  • AlohaRover says:

    “Attack towards Berlin progressing well”

    Really? Thats “well”

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Yes, Hanover is still holding out. Too bad your allies decided to let you down and crumble on the flanks.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Ah, the Soviet commanders are always out in force shouting up their successes. But here we are, almost 5 weeks into the campaign and Hanover is still holding out.

  • davehodo says:

    Do the British know about their imminent destruction?

  • Vladimir Orlovsky says:

    NATO is claiming victory a little early…

  • Leadgend says:

    The NATO advance towards Berlin seems to be going about as well as Hitlers at Kursk.

  • fingolfen says:

    *Looks at the map* – doesn’t look to be progressing well from where I sit… 😉