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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

As the guns fall silent, albeit for just a while, here is a summary of the current situation.

British ambush destroys Soviet tanks

NATO forces are approaching the German border east of Amsterdam, having conducted a brilliant counterattack against the Warsaw Pact spearhead. The Netherlands are confidently expected to be completely under NATO control within hours.

Fighting at close quarters

The Battle for the Ruhr has been the scene of the heaviest fighting. The Warsaw Pact spearheads coming south from Bremen and west from the Fulda Gap to close the Hanover Pocket and trap much of the British Army are still being held apart near Kassel. Strong counterattacks by the British to the north and the US to the east of the Kassel Corridor have kept this vital artery open.

The US counterattack towards Leipzig aiming to link up with the Hanover Pocket and cut off the Warsaw Pact forces around the Fulda Gap is failing with reports of Warsaw Pacts forces recapturing towns taken in the early days of the advance.

Tanks approach the Czech border

West German forces are approaching the Czech border in the south of Germany, where their counteroffensive has regained much of the ground lost in the early days of the campaign.


  • K. Meyer says:

    It was Awesome fun playing with my club brothers and talking and hearing from you all during this campaign.

    NATO brothers & sisters cheers to you all (especially the British) for holding Hanover and looking forward too Part-2 and the new toys! Cavalry Scouts Forward!

    K. Meyer

  • Tgunner91 says:

    And seriously… it was a lot of fun guys! Keep working on those cheesy Russian accents!

  • Tgunner91 says:

    Stripes will be out by the next campaign boys. It will be a very different ball game I’m sure. So you better pray that those T80 POCs show up in time or else it will be bear season in Germany…

  • bayankhan says:

    Perhaps you should offer a PRAVDA article on the state of affairs. My tank raid on the west bank of the Rhine near Arnhem for example. And they may be holding the jaws of the trap open at Kassel, but the rail lines south out of Kassel are now lined with Grisha’s Neckties, as well as burning railcars. It was drilled into me at the Frunze that amateurs talk tactics and professionals study logistics. Apparently the western press is unaware of this.

    I look forward to continuing the campaign, comrade. When the Group of Tank Armies finally arrives, they will feel the total fury of a fully armed an functional PACT Army. Perhaps we will even get to use the 1,500 T80s…

  • Red Alert says:


    Where is the article about our Glorious victories?

    Pretty sure that the Danes and North Germans do not consider being liberated a “Crisis averted”

    Typical Western Propaganda