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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

The ride of the Valkyries

Warsaw Pact
VS United States
The Scene from after the battle. Placed the hinds where they fell just for the photo.

Becoming a Tank Commander

The Day that the Blue badge was pinned on Alexei was indeed a proud one. Joining the VDV Air assault brigade was a huge honour. Not open to conscripts and only the bravest and best get in. Having led them in Afghanistan was a joy. until the Insurgents started toting around Stingers like AKs and brought down many good men. Alexei was pulled out of Nolstalgia by the sudden cut off of screams over the Radio in his ear.


The Comms piece in his ear was connected to all 10 of his Hind commanders. It was silent.

2 minutes ago, Pilots had been reporting their positions and their imminent attack on US positions.

1 minute ago, the fire of VADs were reported in the vicinity with 0.50 CAL machine guns in the area as well.

30 seconds ago, Alexei has told both wing deputies that they were to take charge of their respective units as the wing leads were downed by enemy fire. They were to continue on and take out the US support.

Now, there was silence. All 10 hinds of the 354th independent Air assault brigade were down. crashed into the city that was meant to be lightly defended. With the infantry already on the ground, he ordered all unit to hold their positions for as long as possible. and prepare for a 3 - 4 day wait as Tank company moved up to secure this area.

With the Hinds smouldering wrecks in this god forsaken city, He would request transfer to a Tank company

Game Terms (WTF)

So in game terms, i surrendered on Turn 1. Theres only one image of this game because their really isn't much to see.

I placed 10 hinds on the table with 3 groups of infantry afghansty. I put the hinds where they fell and took a photo for the report but the game is over.

8 of the 10 hinds died to 4 VADs and 8 M113 fire. Yup game over. Opponent's Abrams didn't even need to touch the table.

I failed all my saves and he passed all the firepowers. the 2 remaining hinds took out some M113s and 1 Vads. one of them ran away after failing morale, the other got shot down by dragons on his turn.

A really sad day for Afghansty. Its just one of those days where your dice refuse to roill pass a 2.

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United States


  • Baron says:

    Sorry to hear that Alexi!
    I hope that the games in the future are better! I do enjoy watching your Hind army 🙂

  • Nabeshin says:

    Was happy getting into a good themed read, but then it ended so quickly. Some length and more photos will make these great!

  • AlohaRover says:

    Thanks for the added info. I get it. Better luck next fight.
    At least you have a cool story

  • Red Alert says:


    This is a disaster comrade.

    You have just lost the cream of Soviet soldiers in a senseless gesture.

    I hope you have learned from this hard earned lesson.


  • fingolfen says:

    Nice report… bummer on the result… 🙁

  • Pelikanen says:

    Nice repport and and nice win for the US!

  • Vladimir Orlovsky says:

    Regroup and press the attack! Fluke battle, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

  • Alexei says:

    It is not crazy, it is statistically almost impossible. I play Afghansty ALOT and i normally flood the table with air to overwhlem defenses. This time i made the mistake of goinging withtout the SU-25s. since i caught the VADS in the open. Had it worked, i would have cleared all his VADS and some of the m113s. which would have been enough for my Afghansty to move around freely.
    VADS should kill only 3 Hinds at best with full 28 shots. he killed 6, and made another run. It’s really WTF

  • Alexei says:

    @AlohaRover, I only lost the hinds, I deployed my infantry around the U shape as we were playing bridgehead. My spigots missed on his VADS in the open on 4 +, The other spigots were blocked los and shot at M113s. I had Frogfoots but they didn’t come in on turn one. I figured that with the VADs placed in the open by that one angle, if i just killed two of them, the 10 hinds would have over saturated the area, which would normally be the case. Alas it was not meant to be, I could continue playing but honestly, with 30 points of my army down and the infantry having to slog it out with his mech platoons and soldiers. Minefields covering the direct approaches, would mean skirting around and getting shot all the way.

  • AlohaRover says:

    Crazy that 36 shots took down 8 hinds.

  • AlohaRover says:

    What was your Army list?
    I don’t understand. The Hind only carries two stands, so you lost 16 stands.
    You should have still had a lot of forces remaining.

  • bayankhan says:

    Love the idea of 10 Hinds, but Minor point on tactics. Did you consider having the Hinds loiter until your infantry put some pressure on the VADs/M113? Blitz move by infantry unit with attached Spigot team to a firing position, toss 3 dice, dead Vulcan. A lot, of course, depends on making that blitz move work, but your assault battalion commander can be key. Use terrain and LAND an infantry company from the Hinds in a telling maneuver. As much terrain as you had, you could probably land out of sight.

    Finally, I know that ever since Robert Duvall made movie history with helicopters and Die Valkure over loudspeakers, but we PACT players should have something different (as much as I like Die Valkure, it’s a German song). How about Krokodil Rock segue into Rocket Man? After all, the Hinds are called Krokodil…