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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Crossing the river

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

While the fundamentals of War remain the same, the old notion that rivers can stop a full advance of Soviet forces is an outdated notion. Trained to cross rivers and almost all support vehicles being amphibious is a way to bridge the gap so to speak.

The game starts with Afghansty support by T-64s and other suppport. we have a hasty attack on a river crossing,

My army, 2 proxied Geckoes. My glorious Afghansty!!! Shilkas for some good fire support option.

To cross a River

The Day started out cold with a fresh dew on the plains. Alexei ordered a general advance forward. Their were reported river crossing up ahead. A proper bridge and a crossing set up by engineers. Scouts had reportedly made forward positions in the woods in between both crossings. to allow infantry to cross under some form of cover.

Alexei ordered the infantry to take to the woods, the Geckos would have to stick to the rear and since no aircrafts were reported sighted, they should be kept at a safe distance. The T-64s would have to pick one crossing along with the Shilkas. The BMPS are amphibious so can cross the river without problem

T-64s crepping up the river line
We have learnt much since WWII

The Battle is joined

Once the Infantry crossed the river while avoiding a Minefield left for us by the enemy, Enemy positions became clearer with VADs and Copperheads raining down on the BMPS. Abrams also showed themselves from behind buildings. T-64s moved to exploit the undefended crossing.

With infantry pouring onto his table side and having to defend both objectives, the Abrams took a central position and fought the infantry back. The T-64s confronted the Artillery pieces and broke them. The Soviet motor rifle advanced to block off road access to the objective the T-64s were sitting on. I brought minimal Hinds for support and used them to shoot missiles at the only M113s in range of getting to the objective and the round was called after that.

The crossing without the T-64s would be flooded with Transports and Infantry!!!! overwhelm their defenses!
The Undefended flank actually had artillery which blitzed and proved that they can do direct fire into side armour and kill fairly well.

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Warsaw Pact