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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Yet another slaughter in the Ruhr

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German

The Ruhr claims another Victim

Being given order a few days ago and all letters to loved ones back home been written, the Battalion was moving out. The War had only been going on for a few weeks and yet with the constant clamour of artillery and fighting, it seemed to be taking its toll on Alexei's mind. The faces of his men had become a blur as after he lost a significant bunch of men in his jump into CopenHagen, the replacements were never the same. None of the brave Officers fresh from the tank schools lasted long enough to register in Alexei's memory.

He knew that considering Germany was overrun but the fact that he was heading into a sector held by Germans meant that he was about to face an enemy with little to lose. This battle would ber very bloody.

Opting to bring a Full tank company, I went with a T-72 company with T-64 support. A total of 14 tanks to take out the Leopards

The Battle started with me fanning out to take out infantry in dug in positions. I hit 3 times with 14 Tank shots, and he passed all the brutal saves. that was a little disappointing. That ended my first turn and the game was now on.

The Leopard 2s popped their ambush and struck 2 out of my 4- t-72s, and bailed two. This happened right in front of my tanks in the fields of tall grass. I passed the morale unsurprisingly on a 3+ but had to wait to see how many remounted. The last Leopard 2 fired on the Gaskins in the back and distroyed two of them. The tornadoes finished off the first turn with a withering salvo which killed a t-72 and a single T-64. My AA managed to shoot down 2 of them which was enough for it to make the to hit a 4+ instead of a 3+.

After turn 1, I was down to 10 Tanks on the table.

Turn 2

I managed to remount 2 of my T-72s and rsh into the Leopard 2s side, I then moved my other regiment back and disengaged from the milans, to have them bring all their firepower down on the Leopard2s.

I managed to kill 2 of them with my 6 shots, of which 2 were side. The last Leopard2 passed his morale check. I also got my reserves in and got my Motor rifle to come in and take shots at the Miland teams firing on me. My t-72s managed a few more hits on Milan teams but they passed their saves even with Brutal.

The German players turn saw the last Leopard 2 move back and take out the remaining 2 T-72s. He managed to get reserves in and he brought on his Milan teams on with a blitz so they managed to fire their Milans on the first turn on table.

The motor rifle come in off the table edge and cause havoc!!!

Tornados came in and 2 of them got shot down. missed most of the tanks but managed to kill 1 T-72 and 1 T-64

The German turn comes around and he smashes me with Gepards from reserve which wipe out the BMPs and my infantry. His milans recover from pinning and take out my T-64s. The game ends fairly quick after that. I find I only have a single Tank platoon left after the round and my CINC.

Alexei Decides to quit the field and retire for the day.

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