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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Death at CrossRoad

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

On the road to Leipzig, an american small force surrounded by soviet forces, entrenches itself and try to break the ennemy counter offensive.


Turn 1:
The first company of T-72 get out of the shantytown and try to shoot to the ambushed abrams in the woods with no success. Abrams didn't do anything as well. On the other side, the second company of T-72 rush to the corn field to get some cover but one of them bogged down and is destroyed by the abram on the hill. Soviet infantry advance in the city preparing themselves to attack the american positions.

Turn 2:
3 T-72 are destroyed by the abrams in the woods and the remaining one seek for cover. A-10s arrive but failed to stop the infantry platoon, only destroying 1 BMP. on the hill, 1 abram is destroyed by the BMP missiles and the remaining one fail its morale test and flee !! The hill front is wide open !

Turn 3:
2 more T-72 are send to hell by the last 2 abrams. The 2 M113 are destroyed and soviet forces tried to assault the ennemy, without success. The brave comrades are instead killed without mercy.

Turn 4:
A-10s came back, gophers didn't do anything again (damn plane saves !) and this time they killed 3 BMP and 5 infantry teams using some clusters bomb and maverick missiles. The last T-72 are killed, but soviet heavy weapon team killed all the american infantry team who were bragging about the previous assault.

turn 2 action
A-10s second passage

At this time, American still have 2 undamaged abrams, and I get only 3 AK-74 teams and 2 RPK teams (and the 2 useless gophers) with no antitank power remaining , I conced the game.

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