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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Red Choir Opera

Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Carlo Salaroli

The enemy , the west German is desperate but cleaver. All Tanks (one in ambush) on the field plus Gepards & LARS. My fast strike T-72 Tank battalion move quickly and undercover due to the support of BMP-2 recon. Germa Ambush got just 2 Shilkas destroyed and anything else. The covert advance go on even during second turn with a great shot down at Gepard unit (3 on 4 burning, test and leave the remainin' one). No reserves again for the west germans in turn 2. everything i got is now hidden behind big buildings of an industrial area near hte objective so He forced his leo1 tanks to move fast to me. One of my T-72 companies control the objective the Others shot and destroy the ambushin' Leo1 platoon. German Reserves. He try with Tornados but roll a 2. The last german desperate fire destroy one company of T-72 but i'm in full controll and win the mission. Glory to USSR!

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Warsaw Pact