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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Bremen or Death

Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Carlo Salaroli

Another clash in Bremen against Herr Karl West Germans. The mission is the dedicated one: Bremen counterattack. The situation for the Germans isn't easy, Flanking immediate deep reserves can't permit him to show on the battlefield more than 1 Tank unit. He choose for the 2 tanks Leo2 in ambush, light recce Luchs (2 units by 2), 4 Gepards and Lars Rocket Launchers. Too light for my T-64 based Soviet force, expecially in this mission. Fast advance on the nearest objective with almost Whole force except 1 company of T-64 that offer a good cover to the advance. His ambush destroy one of my advancin' T-64 companyon the following turn my return fire of songster from my coverin' company sustained from T-72 125mm guns clean off ambushin' Leo 2, Rocket artillery ripp off a platoon of Luchs and the other one is cleaned from a lucky but heavy Shilka's fire. The sign that the west germans are doomed is that reserves don't come and I acchieve the objective. I destroy also Leo1 platoon with a good, long range songster hit and the platoon break and flee. The last act of West germans defiance is a double shot from leo2 HQ that kills 2 T-72 and the remaining coward flee (He will be processed and executed for treason in front of the enemy just few hours after the end of the battle, the familiars will be transferred from Kiev to Novosibirsk oblast). But the Battle is ended and I acchieved even a personal record of victories in every game :) Vodka for all Comrades!

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Warsaw Pact