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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Deep Red Ruhr

Warsaw Pact
VS British
Carlo Salaroli

We used Battleplans: Soviet Prepared Attack and Carlo's english Hasty Attack, so the mission is Breakthrough and Dawn. Brit HQ, 2 squadrons of chieftain on the field (one in ambush), the other tank squadron, blowpipes and RAF in reserve. My soviet force set on the field the BM-21 Rocket artillery battery, Shilkas, BRDM2 Recon, T-72 company and T-64 HQ Tank. A deep recon action push forward all my tanks artillery battery can do nothin except a smoke screen. Ambushin' Chieftains burn in flash my shikas. I still force my tank march towards objective covered by a provvidential hill. RAF is called from reserves but don't come to the field (rolled a 2 for airplanes), british tanks destroy 2 rocket launchers. At first try my reserves come in battle, the Gopher SAM platoon. Tank reach the objective zone. Chieftain start their march to the objectives, their movin' fire is about nothin, just 1 T-72 destroyed. The harriers this time try do make a mess! Gopher eliminate one but the bombers destroy another T-72 and bail the other one and they break. T-64 come to reserves, my HQ tank destroy 1 chieftain. The night fall and Others chieftain enter the game. Brit tanks destroy 1 of the new arrived T-64. Other T-64 comes, this time tank fire eliminate 2 chieftains and the squadron break. Blowpipes join the game but far away, tho chieftains come closer to contest objective, RAF destroy 1 T-64 but loose another 1 harrier. Red Army Infantry enter the battlefield, my tanks take from side the chieftains and burn them! I'm takin' the objective. Furious british hell fire from any side but the sole T-64 on the objective resist proudly and We win again! 5-2

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Warsaw Pact