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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Operation Zveda Phase 3

Warsaw Pact
VS British
mitro Davide

last phase of Operation Zvezda. Another Quick mission 50p each faction, same lists DDR vs UK. The mission is a smaller scale of Free for All. The british start a long range fire on my positions I answer with a cautios advance of my BMP-1 mounted infatry supported from a company of T-72 and another company of T-55. all the other forces fire on British position. At turn 3 my advancing unit reach the objective on the right side but in the meantime i loose the artillery detachment due to RAF heavy bombing and the Whole T-55 company. Enemy resistance on the target is reduced to 2 chieftain keeping the objective. On the other side of the battlefield the other tanks companies start an advance as diversive to the other objective. BMP-2 missiles quiet 1 chieftain and the squadron test but stay. After 3 turns of bombardments Raf is no longer a problem. The British reaction erase 1 T-72 company of my diversive push. On the hot point of the battle the chieftain squadron no longer resist and i can take the objective with infantry in a couple of houses near it. The Squadron commander Chieftain try a disperately rush to contend the objective but it's destroyed from BMP-2 missile fire. The battle is Over! DDR win a bloody battle for 4 to 3

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