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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Amsterdam or Bust!

Warsaw Pact
VS British
Paolo Satanassi

Go on Amsterdam! My enemy It's an old british Buldog ;) (FoW british player). Probabily they are short of fresh commanders if recall from retirement this old glory :D. 85p lists, and No retreat mission where I'm the defender , as result of a British counterattack on this Sector. Infantry companies hold the objectives, Transport BMP-2s long covering with missiles, shilka's AA umbrella and a company of T-72 in ambush. Everything is ready for the welcome British cometee. The old british lion advance full force to my defensive position partially covered by a smoke screen. The minefields force a Chieftain squadron to expose to my missile fire and pay an heavy bill, 2 on 3 destroyed, test and leave. My ambushing T-72 catch a Mv432 embarked platoon and rip off 4 vehicles and related infantry. RAF intervention destroy the ambushin' T-72 but lost 1 airplane. The enemy still advancing behind the smoke screen. The fire of movin' Chieftain is not a real problem for my infantry in holes.
My T-72 reserves enter in battle. BMP-2 missile fire destroy scorpion recce unit and halve the blowpipe detachment. 3 + HQ chieftain stand in front (short range) of my infantry and start the fire (little loss), RAF still pushin' and kill some other infantry squad (2) but now is reduced to 2 airplanes. The carnation battery is now on the battlefield. BMP2 missiles kill Chieftain HQ and 1 other tank.
Shilka face the already ripped infantry now on their feet and make a mess, the unit is crippled. THe other british infantry (previously disembarked) advance nervous to my pinned infantry on the objective and then try a difficult assault but must fall back for the defensive fire, My newcomer on the battlefield HQ T-72 is destroyed from RAF. The remainin' Chieftains and Blowpipe are cleaned from a joined BMP2 missile fire and T-72 guns. Also the last Harrier and his infantry HQ are destroyed. The british is deep wounded now. Brit mortars pin down my infantry to prepare another infantry assault. British infantry is brave but not enough to push back my boys from the contested objective. Artillery delete brit mortars from the game and their formation is now not in good standing and without an HQ. Battle is over and the Red Army wins!

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Warsaw Pact


  • Baron says:

    Nice win, but please get some photos mate!

  • Nabeshin says:

    I read that you ambushed a full FV432 embarked platoon, killing everything there. However your ambush platoon had three T-72s according to your lists, meaning three main canon shots. How did they kill all the vehicles? I don’t think the report would be accurate then, unless you were fluffing for story and the actual event went something like an incredible feat of luck, hitting all three shots on 6s, then all the infantry inside unanimously failed their saves (even with brutal) leaving two teams on the board, with them failing their morale tests and running away. A little more detail would reveal this.

  • fingolfen says:

    Congratulations on the win! Any way you can add some photos? I typically just bring my mobile phone with me – quick and dirty and does the job.

  • AlohaRover says:

    Grats on the win

  • Mikle friesky says:

    Well if you can take pictures that would help the hatters.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Are any of your opponents registering on the site? From the sounds of your reports they need a bit of a hand tactically.

  • Storm Caller says:


    Are you play in an escalation event? 16 wins! Good on you, but I don’t think this reports are going to pass the review board!

    Go back and add pictures!