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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Frontal Clash in Amsterdam

Warsaw Pact
VS British
the master

The master (English) this time wanna play Free for all mission. My T-64 tank battallion is ready! The Brits got the first turn. all my T-64 and any other missile launcher vehicle are placed deep in my battlefield side. After 3/4 turns of long range fire where I logorated some Brit tank with light loss to my force my opponent lost patience and start an incautious advance toward my left flank objective. Massive RAF grounds attack destroy my T-72 company but after a couple of turns no more airplanes Flying on the battlefield. A quick counterattack of 2 companies of T-64 reach the objective in enemy side. Blowpipes and the remaining chieftains destroy one of this companies but can do nothin' more than leave the surviving one free to capture the objective and win the mission. Go on comrades!!! To Amsterdam!

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Warsaw Pact


  • The Armchair Adventurer says:


    Don’t worry to much about it, my group has 14 registered players but only four are writing reports! We are writing them for the players to add to their own accounts vs ours to keep things fair!

    Red alert,

    SALUTE is an old army way of keeping it simple “stuped” or KISS


  • Ash says:

    And yes, english isn’t my native language

  • Ash says:

    Master is the only other local club player registered here
    the other guys simply don’t care, just wanna have fun playing 😉
    I’m the only warsaw pact player on 5 TY gamers in the local club (untill now)

  • Nabeshin says:

    A lot of good advice from everyone here, my own advice is to actually follow it 😉

  • Red Alert says:


    Nice one Storm Caller, I will have to remember SALUTE!

    Ash you are a true hero of the motherland!


  • AlohaRover says:

    Congrats on another win.
    Get your opponents to register, it would be nice to see their point of view for the battle.
    After 20 battles at least one of them should say something.

  • Baron says:

    Would also help validate the wins :/

  • Storm Caller says:


    English is not your first language is it? Don’t be worried if your spelling is off or word selection is not quite right…..your not by your self.

    Recommend you follow this format

    S = size of the battle i.e. 50pts armour company
    A= Activity, Think the mission I.e free for all
    L= location, were are you playing this battle
    U= unite, what is the enemy
    T= time, day or night, dusk or dawn
    E= equiepemt, list out what both side have

    Then add pharagraph of the action
    Add photos

    S = 85 points
    A = WARSAW PAC forces attacking
    L = armsterdam
    U = British Armour company
    T = day
    E= see battle list
    Yours from above



  • fingolfen says:

    A photo would help too. It would certainly help you XP total too…

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Ash, you have submitted 20 report so far. A little more information, perhaps a turn by turn breakdown, or even some images to accompany your wins would help to encourage others to post up their reports with more detail too.