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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Return to Leipzig

Warsaw Pact
VS British
the Master

My volksarmee attack in a No retreat mission, the master defend with his british forces. Infantry platoon on the closed objective, Abbot's battery on the other. Steelbrew chieftain squadron shielding the close objective and blowpipes in ambush. The artillery target is on brit infantry position. Massive DDR tank advance, BM21 and hit heavy on the Brit positions Killing half of the infantry. Carnation evaporate the chance of Blowpipe to do somethin more than destroy 1 T-72. Chieftains destroy 4 T-55 but the wild bunch of Honeker Boys is very close to them. Spandrells Destroy the British HQ tank.Third turn arrives but no reserve come to join english forces than they lost Chieftain from a multiple side tank fire, the hell on earth of more than 20 guns. DDR artilleries evaporates the remaining infantry and Volksarmee is the only owner of the battlefield. 6-1

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Warsaw Pact