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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

A Red Day

Warsaw Pact
Bin Panzerd
VS United States

A 100 point game of Breakthrough. The Soviets attacking the Americans.

The American's with 5 of their 8 Abrams on the table block the middle of the table. The Soviets decide to drive right into them. The extra point of armour on the T64 helps keep casualties to a minimum. Stuck in static positions the Americans lose a full platoon of Heavy Tanks to flank shots. THe Shilka's find the arty which runs away faced with overwhelming fire.

The Ambush appears to pull the main attack allowing the infantry to arrive from reserve and dig in around the objective in the middle. A couple of AT AFVs for the Americans try flanking the short platoon of T64s still holding the middle. The Russians charge into and engage the HQ and infantry keeping woods between them and the distant missiles of the M901s.

The Defender tied down was not able to put a proper defense around the second objective and the Flanking Infantry arrive to claim it

Defender's on table force
Defender's Reserves
The Flanking force, also my new MW Purchase
Attacker's on table force
Straight up the middle with large platoon, smaller platoon holds back to missle
Defender get's only from shooting, his arty hits three but only gets 1 kill
Turn 2 sees the attacker take advantage of 14" move to get side shots
Shilk'a bail two arty, they would fail their save and run away
Defender seeks revenge with ambush diverting shots from the tanks to the Shilkas
Turn 4 and the Attacker leaves teh objectives to get side shots on the ambushing tanks. 14" move again is the star
The short platoon engages the HQ tanks and infantry and (just off to the right) keeps the woods between it and a platoon of AT AFVs seeking them out
The defender finally gets rid of the stubborn Gopher and is free to bring on Helicopters
Turn 4 defender starts to make progress on Red Horde
Turn 5, the distraction has worked. The HQ Tank is move than 18" from objective, the Attacker's Infantry and BMPs arrive and swarm on
Turn 6, the defender paid for the extra round against the tanks. Failing his blitz he could not contest. Although the helicopters blew up the BMP the passengers survived

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Warsaw Pact
Bin Panzerd