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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Push into Hamburg

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Initial deployment.

With the minefields blocking both the North and South of the pass, 70th Guards Tank Regiment of the 9th Guards Tank Division was ordered to press through the valley South of the church. 1st Company was to the South, 2nd Company to the North, with the BMP recon attachment center.

Advancing on the enemy
Taking fire from the Leopard-2s

1st Company's initial fire had no effect on the Leopard-2s on the South flank, and 2nd Company was similarly unable to effect the deployed infantry on the church grounds. The Leopard-2s returned fire and retreated down the ridge after destroying 2 T72s and bailing out another 2.

A push down the valley

Not taking kindly to the deaths of their comrades, 1st Company advanced on the Leopard-2s and destroyed 2 leaving the formation commander all on his own. 2nd Company rushed the infantry forcing them back into the church proper, after a well placed cannon fire from the Marder.

Firing on the enemy commander
Keeping the guns trained on the church

The remnants of 1st Company and the formation commander turned to bear on the enemy leader, but were unable to destroy him. 2nd Company advanced around the church keeping the guns trained, but could still not eliminate the enemy infantry inside.

Making a break for the road
Destroying the enemy

Realizing that the infantry in the church were not worth the effort 2nd Company broke for the road as dawn broke. 1st Company also advanced, but at a more sedate pace, allowing them to fire on the enemy commander, finishing him off.

Panzergrenadiers arriving on the road
Leaving the road, and the lead tank behind

Unfortunately before 2nd Company could leave the battlefield, a platoon of Panzergrenadiers arrived on the road, blocking escape. Another arrived in the valley, threatening the flank of the nearly depleted 1st Company. Indirect fire forced 2nd Company's lead tank to bail out, that combined with the roadblock of Marders, cause 2nd Company to break from the road and head South around the villa. 1st Company began a mad dash for the exit. At this time unfortunately a well placed Milan destroyed the formation commander.

Infantry assaulting 2nd Company

Artillery and mortar fire was brought down on 1st Company, destroying the company commander, but the sole tank in 1st Company continued off the field, with 2nd Company close behind despite an assault through the hedges by the Panzergrenadiers. With all the units off the board, the formation had achieved it's objective.

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Warsaw Pact