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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

The Dragon Fire - Death of the Bear

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Comrade Oldwolf

After 2 battles with East German forces, the Mechanized Infantry forces defending the Hof Corridor received an injection of units, including scout sections and a platoon of Armor, with this it was decided to go on the offensive. The crushing of an GDR force the day before and the reinforcements, encouraged action, and a decisive move was made to engage into the security screen of the advancing Warsaw Pact forces. With another days maneuvering, the American forces scouts located and began a dance for position, with recon elements of a Soviet Guards armored regiment. As luck would have it we gained local air control and were able to press the advantage, the battle was joined, one that would end with death of one side or the other.

Initial Deployments, Scouts move to the west to secure Infantry strong points, while the Soviets hold the middle.
A view from the east.

Catching the soviets flat footed as they maneuvered into the town crossroads, the platoons of Mech Inf began the event with the snap hissing as Dragons flung into the air to engage the western company of T-64 MBTs, felling one. Teams of riflemen, shouldered their M72 LAW and destroyed a pair of BMP-2. In the eastern half of the town, the hammerheads of the M901 in deep cover missed the platoon of Spandrels, sending them scattering directly into the path of the charging platoon of M1s. Their misfortune is capitalized on with a volley of cannon fire, scattering the wreckage of 2 AT-4 over the road, and off to the right, rounds of the 105mm guns core a pair of T-64 of the eastern company. From the outskirts of town, a lethal pair of AH-1 Cobras rise from their hiding place their TOW missiles destroying the final member of the T-64 company, easing up pressure on that sector. Along the crossroad of the town 2 platoons of M113 move to engage the dug-in Soviet infantry, the heavy 50cal MG wreaking havoc on the troops. The stress of the supressive fire forces the troops to break, running from the field.

After a stunning opening volley from the Americans, the Soviet troops respond. The Arty that supports the engagement volley out a 122mm shells to engage the Abrams, the rounds landing with no damage to the platoon. The remaining BMP-2 Recon unit, engages a M113 with its cannon and fells it, leaving the hull smoking. The Western company of T-64 volley heavy 125mm HE rounds into the building where they teams of Dragons reload, the blast crippling one rifle team wounding them.

The dug-in Americans continue to pour on the fire, the wildly maneuvering M113 platoons hunt the remaining BMPs both the remaining recon unit, and the OP, (there is rumor that FIST/ Spotters can be almost impenetrable at times...) Both units come to a stop as they are forced to dismount their crews. Dragons again breathed deep and killed another western company T-64, and after following the M1 charge, the trailing M901 maneuver and after setting up kill a ZSU that had wondered into the open.

The Soviets began to break at the continued effective fire, the response weakening with every volley. One of the supporting M113 APC was destroyed by a volley of 30mm Cannon fire from a recon BMP. American units then maneuvered the battlefield, finishing off the remaining Soviet units. The final moment recorded the death of the Battalion Commander Track, the last of the arty units as they looked to move away from the battlefield. The last remaining Spandrel AT unit was silenced by the fire of a M901, and the combined fire of 2 platoons of M113 silenced the recon unit that brought the Soviet forces into this battle.

The Bear was dead.

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