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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Midnight Skirmish in Franfurt

Warsaw Pact
Boris Shaposhnikov
VS West German

AAR by Captain Genady Shaparov :

Our assault into sector C3, Frankfurt began late in the day due to massive traffic pile up from unrelenting NATO air interdiction attacks throughout the day. Deployed units were elements of a reinforced 69th Motor Rifle Regiment of the 90th Guards tank division made of 2 BTR companies with the support of 2 decimated remnants of T-64 companies, a Storm AT platoon, a Hail battery and 3 AA units. Operations only kick started at 1600 hrs with my recon elements (BRDMs) probing with their spearhead moves scouting ahead for the main force. The 2 recon platoons allowed my main units to move forward within sight of our objectives.

Infantry company A was ordered forward to capture one of the objectives with BTR support. However poor communications with supporting tank units meant the infantry were fighting mostly alone in the face of superior fire power till it was destroyed to the last man together with our commander komrade Major Alexei Volkov. Company B's Spigots were the unsung heroes in the battle, destroying and immobilizing numerous W.German vehicles, Luch armored cars, M113s and Gepards.

The supporting Hinds unit totally failed in destroying any unit during the battle despite repeated attacking runs into the night, seeing its only hit on a Leo 2 scratching the tank's paintwork instead before they were slowly whittled down to a single Hind destroyed by Gepards.

Overcautious tank commanders refused to provide close infantry support and preferred to just provide overwatch fire support in the forest overlooking the objectives. Both had been relieved of command post battle.

The battle was fought till dusk allowing W.German units to use their superior thermal sights when night fall. The battle proved to be inconclusive with the objectives being contested till 0130 hrs (turn 7) and both exhausted commanders called for a truce to remove injured and dead soldiers on the battlefield.

-End of Report-

W.German units spear heads detected.
Prelude to contact with the enemy. Soviet spearheads managed to advance close to the objectives
Soviet AA units wary of NATO air superiority and deployed in strength.
The dug in Spigot teams would prove to be effective in wreaking havoc among the W.German units during the battle.
NATO Leo 2 MBTs spotted by advanced units.
Aerial reconnaissance photo showing the ferocity of the opening exchanges!
NATO infantry and light units raced forward to contest objectives. Soviet infantry company defending the objective was under heavy MG and cannon fire by newly arrived NATO units.
Company A was almost destroyed after failing to dig in but valiantly stood against assaulting Leo 2s to survive the turn.
Hinds having failed to destroy even one of the Leo 2s were themselves attacked by Tornadoes. Fortunately their cannon fire were ineffective on our thick crocodile scales!
Our brave Soviet infantry stubbornly held to the objective and used their Spigots to good effect, destroying Luchs, M113s and Gepards.
A lone BRDM caused consternation in the rear W.German areas destroying their Luch unit and bailing a Gepard before it was overwhelmed by superior numbers.

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