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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

The bloodied fields of Amsterdam

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Warsaw Pact
Boris Shaposhnikov
VS British
Elements of the 1st Battalion of the 69th BTR Motor Rifle Regiment, 90th Guards Tank Division
Prelude to battle: Amsterdam sector zero battleground photos taken by Mig 25 high altitude reconnaissance plane.
The main weight of the offensive was to fall on the right flank led by motorised infantry in their BTR-60s. The BTRs in the center had joined to give fire support having deployed their infantry to cover the left flank.
The left flank is defended by a company of infantry guarding the hill objective.
The British right flank is defended by 2 platoons of the Irish Guards.
The full weight of MG fire from the BTRs didn't manage to kill any of the defending British infantry in the last turn. The British decides to spring their ambush; a platoon of mechanised infantry pop up from their fox holes and started firing..
British infantry platoon advancing on the right and decided to assault and was repulsed with heavy loss of life.
Return fire from British infantry decimated the 2 BTR transport platoons. Company A of the Soviet motorized infantry finally debussed and advanced. T-64s fired point blank into the clock tower killing 2 Milan teams hiding inside.
Hidden Milan teams wrecked havoc on attacking Soviet vehicles all day long and remaining dug in British infantry proved intractable surviving all the shooting thrown at them. It was a fight to the bitter end for Soviet forces advancing up the right flank.

Extracts from AAR by Major Stephanovski:
..the British were waiting for us, 2 formations made of 4 mechanized infantry with independent Milan teams were defending the objectives in depth. Our hasty attack proved to be our undoing in the end.

Despite attacking along a narrow frontage our units could not dislodge the 2 dug in Irish Guards infantry platoons and our advancing infantry was instead whittled down by MGs from APCs. Milan rockets fell like rain on our supporting BTR-60s ending all hopes of using our massed MGs to dig out the British infantry.

Milan teams in overwatch were also instrumental in destroying 2 of our T-64s and forcing them to move cautiously the whole battle.

Reinforcing units arrived early but were hampered from giving effective support due to the risk of friendly fire to units in front of them and was fed piece meal diluting their effectiveness.

Our Hail artillery battery didn't contribute much to the battle as they were dispatched by marauding British Fv432s and were sorely missed by the advancing units on the right flank.

We lost contact with all our units on the right flank and the last report received from our Battalion HQ was to evacuate at haste.
-End of Report-

Goodbye Amsterdam for now.

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