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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Breakthrough in Hildesheim

Warsaw Pact
VS West German

Urgent report!

Leytenant Bosje, we have received word that the village that you liberated earlier this week from the filthy capitalists has been overrun again by the West German army. Make forces available to open the corridor again. Be advised that we are also sending a force from the Gütersloh area to assist your operations.

Aerial recon photo of the operations area prior to the engagement
Forces available for the liberation of yet another German village

Mission: Breakthrough
85 points

Soviet Forces:
1 T-72
5 T-72
5 T-72
BMP-2 recon
2 Shilka
2 Gopher
15 points of infantry with BMP-1
a flight of 4 SU-25

West German forces
1 Leopard 2
2 Leopard 2
2 Leopard 2
2 Gepard
Panzer grenadier HQ
3 units of Panzer grenadiers
2 troops of Luchs recon vehicles

Our forces set out around 1430 towards the village from both sides. Our tank units encountered German infantry entrenched in a few of the houses in the village, and were in turn flanked by a group of German MBT, and subsequently annihilated in the course of heavy fighting lasting several hours. The rest of our force reached the other side of the village a bit later, after which intense close quarters combat ensued to take back the train station and the village. Unfortunately the German infantry were dug in around the buildings and we had severe difficulty getting them out. As night fell, the last of our forces reached the battle, but it was too late. They took out a score of German vehicles, but alas, it wasn't enough and we were unable to re-open the corridor.

After the battle.
Operational map

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West German