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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

3ed Armored Division vs. Red Tide

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

No Retreat

Mission Hamburg - No Retreat. The Soviets need to withdraw at least five platoons from the table's side of US player. The Americans are represented by a commander's tank, two platoons of tanks in three and two cars, a detachment of "paladins", a detachment of "vulkans," a platoon of motorized infantry and air support from two "Thunderbolts."

Turn 1

Red wave is coming under the cover of night. Clavain saw a reconnaissance report: the Ivans pulled a company of T72 and two companies of mech infantry near Luneberg, not counting the support squads.

Turn 2

The Communist kraken stretches out his steel tentacles. Metal monsters creep inexorably through the viscous dawn. Clavain wonders if the earth is shaking from Soviet tanks.

Turn 3

A few more excellent guys will not return home - from the fire of the Ivans the fire support group is losing, the APC of gunners are on fire.

Turn 4

5:00, hour of the tiger, it's about time: under the roar of engines five "Abrams" rush forward to meet the enemy face to face. Dawn fog disperse explosions: from the heavy fire of tanks and "paladins" burn 5 BMP2. Mech infantry are looking for shelter among the skeletons of burning vehicles. Mi24, shot down by the "vulkan", crashes into the ground like a falling star. Well, according to Clavain, the chances of surviving until noon have increased significantly.

Turn 5

Do not underestimate the enemy: the Ivan spit on the losses. The blocks of the Ural steel creep forward, spewing flames. Two "Abrams" did not have time to get out of the line of fire and turned into flaming debris.

Turn 7

There are not enough Soviet tanks to incinerate "Abrams" of Clavain. "Sir, this is Bravo's platoon. We burned the BMP, put forward to you."

Turn 8

Scanty September clouds tear silver bolts of "Thunderbolts". The dagger fire of American tanks tears the frontal armor T72.

Turn 8

That's all. Leaving a lot of burning vehicles on the field, the Communists prefer to retreat. Today, Americans are firmly on the european land.

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