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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Defense of Amsterdam

Colonel Frost
VS Warsaw Pact
Shawn Murri

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Colonel Frost


  • Colonel Frost says:

    I didn’t realize the impact of publishing a battle report – we’ll see how the history A.I works out.

  • Colonel Frost says:

    Thanks for the feedback and links Landaredh.
    I’ll check them out.

  • Iandaredh says:

    Well there has been some really bad practice with the reports. There are some people with a lot of reports, that are empty or close to empty and there are some doubts whether those battles really happened at all. So don’t get discouraged by this and try to improve.

    Here is some general help

    My own advice is to check other reports, mainly those with high ratings and get some inspiration there.

  • Colonel Frost says:

    I didn’t realize it was going to make people so unhappy that it was published blank. I’ve been in this campaign for five minutes and still getting my head around it.
    Is there a post that list the rules and etiquette of the campaign?

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Feedback has been given to Beasts of War and Battlefront about blank reports. However, what you can do for now is vote them down, or better, don’t vote on them at all.

  • Nikolai Zhukuv says:

    They should think about that in the next campaign… it should be not allowed

  • Sejmitar says:

    Blank space. Hmpf.