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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Annihilation along the Weser

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

Senior Lieutenant Bezarin had received his new orders, advance north along the east bank of the Weser River and destroy a suspect Yankee force lurking in the area. With his 10 T-64s and an attached recon element of 3 BMP-2s, his battalion commander felt he had sufficient force to eliminate the weak opposition anticipated.

Bezarin's command advances from the south, taking positions beyond the rail line.
Bezarin keeps tight control of his forces as they advance to contact.
The Americans deploy in the ruined village, preparing to meet the Soviets head on.

The first hint that he'd found the Americans was when one of his BMPs exploded. Within seconds, Bezarin was receiving panicked sighting reports over the radio. Yankee tanks moving to the farm on the east, tanks in the village, it seemed the Americans were everywhere and had come out of no where.

Yankee tanks push to the farm.
The Americans draw first blood.

With at least some of the American positions known, Bezarin rapidly issued orders for his tanks to close with the enemy and focus fire on the enemy tanks. His platoon leaders acknowledged and sped forward, firing with abandon at the enemy. Some shots were better aimed than others, with one of the Abrams at the farm dying, whether to concentrated fire or a lucky shot was anyone's guess. Surprisingly, alone American tank had moved into the village with some AT launchers, and Bezarin quickly dispatched it before it did the same to him.

Za Rodina!
Take the high ground!
Long odds, even for the vaunted Americans!

At the farmstead, two of Bezarin's units fought a close range duel with a pair of American tanks. The action was rapid and violent, for such is the way of modern war, but when the smoke cleared both the American tanks lay burning with only one Soviet tank destroyed. The same could not be said for the action in the village, where the American aim was much better. Here, Bezarin could see one tank explode in front of him and another sat silent, its crew wither concussed or scared into inaction. But the last tank fought on valiantly, pushing forward recklessly to close with the enemy. If that tank commander lived, Bezarin swore he would receive the Order of Lenin.

Tanks burn at the farm.
The Yankees exact a high price.
Bezarin's flanking force secures the farm!
For the Motherland!!!

Bezarin could sense that the Americans were close to breaking. With only a couple tanks, a lone AT platform, and some infantry left, a final hard punch would force them from the field. But apparently the Yankees did not agree with this outlook, as missiles screamed from a building, brewing up a tank and a BMP. As Bezarin issued orders for the final push, an American missile hit the front of his tank! Bezarin had mere moments to jump from the turret before the tank brewed up and exploded. He was out of the fight, it was up to his platoon leaders now.

The lone ITV stands resolute in defense of 'freedom.'
Ambush! Dragon launchers hit the vulnerable flanks!
Receiving Bezarin's final order, his platoon leaders close with the Americans and force their tanks from the field.
Bezarin's tank is hit by the ITV!

With orders in hand, the surviving tanks of Bezarin's command pushed against the dug in American infantry. After poring several salvos of main gun fire into the foxholes at point blank range and confident the Americans were either out of missiles or pinned down, they charge forward to grind them beneath their treads.

Too close for missiles...
Switching to Guns!

It seemed like an eternity, but it had been less than 5 minutes since his tank had been hit. As Bezarin walked into the village, he could see the wreckage of both American and Soviet vehicles. Less than half his command remained, but he had accomplished his mission. The American force in the area had been drawn into battle and annihilated. Bezarin hoped on one of the remaining tanks in order to use its radio. He needed to contact his battalion commander and inform him of the situation, as well as request new orders, for even though this little battle had ended, the war continued to rage around him.

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Warsaw Pact


  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Well, I can see why you had a hard time finding me Klute, I have been touring a lot of the West German countryside in my T-64 🙂

    Thanks again everyone for the great comments. I’m glad everyone like the photos and the AARs so far. I’ll do my best to keep them up!

  • Klute says:

    Finally found you CrazyIvan… Great Job and reading your Battle Reports… Come back from the dark side….. 🙂

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Another nice table and great battle report. Nice to see the game rom getting some use. Too bad you are out of there soon. Congrats on another evil WP win.

  • AlohaRover says:

    CrazyIvan, glad to hear you are making converts there.

  • Baron says:

    Congratulations for your victory Commander 🙂
    I loved the images of the brave T-64 facing off towards the Abram

    You play on a nice table and with the right amount of terrain to make it interesting 🙂

  • AlohaRover says:

    Great write up. Grats on the win

  • Nabeshin says:

    A well rounded report!

  • Red Alert says:


    The Soviet Army is a hammer, it can absorb casualties and push hard

    The NATO armies should avoid such tactics as they play to our strengths

    Napoleon Bonaparte: “Never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake. That’s bad manners.”


  • bayankhan says:

    Good job, Tovarische. Did you find the T64s worth the extra points?

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Thanks everyone. As for the American tactics, it’s a combination of an aggressive player and bad dice rolls. A lot of the folks in my area are 40k converts and are used to the rush forward and engage mentality, even when I try and remind them it’s a bad idea. With the ITVs, my friend did say after the game that he was too aggressive with them (even if they did whack my commander cause I forgot where they were). We rolled to see what time of day it was, and it was daylight, and he could not pass a skill check for S&S to save his life.

    This was only his third TY game, so he’s still learning, but he had a good time and loves how quick the game plays, he admits he just needs to pick up the subtly of it. I’m slowly getting more guys on the TY/FoW bandwagon and this campaign is helping out a lot.

  • Vladimir Orlovsky says:

    Great table, nice models. Still digging the ERA on the T-64s. Congrats on the win! I will recommend a commendation for you Comrade!

  • Storm Caller says:

    One question? Why do the Amercian keep making the same mistake.
    ITV’s advance?
    M-1 not using the shoot and scoot? and staying in open
    Fighting in the day vs Night
    Infantry deployed in reserves vs forward stop BMP’s

    On the flip, Great pictures and write up! 9 out 10 (use the Title Tab vs Just text) on report and differently recommendation

    Storm Caller

  • GeRi says:

    Great report.