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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

stop the launcher

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Doug Glendwyr

US Infantry platoons on patrol after radiological materials were located. Three points must be investigated on the map. There is offboard artillery support and the two scout squadrons and two fist teams are arriving on turn two.

Warsaw Pact forces are in the area and their numbers are limited to infantry and hind support in order to defend the scud launcher until it fires on turn 6.

I'm taking a mech platoon with 113 transports. VADs squadron, 2 scout squadrons and 2 fist units in order to keep things light. I have three Abrams in the reserve pool to counter anything serious.

Doug is taking 2 hinds and an infantry platoon with bmp-1's with 4 t-72's in reserve as well as a bmp-2 squadron. He has to hold the objective for 6 turns and once that's done the scud is prepped and will fire. I have to get an infantry squadron within 4 inches of the launcher in order for the crew to abandon the vehicle. However if I have no infantry it will be considered a draw as I will have to destroy the launcher and as a result the city will be uninhabitable due to the radioactive fallout


Pictures can be found here

The launcher was set up behind a nail factory and the game was down to the wire. Most of his infantry were deployed throughout the town but couldn't direct fire efficiently enough due to intervening terrain. His bmps were mostly kept contained when the lead tank was destroyed and blocking the road. After bogging down on that the rest of his forces doubled back around to open up on my 113 column but a smoke barage covered my tanks long enough for the infantry to disembark and march to the objective.

More pictures in the link later today

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