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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

quick city fight

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Doug Glendwyr

City fight with 50 points. Doug and I are getting in our second to last game. The final game will be all in. No objectives just attrition and scrap.

I deployed on the southern corner with Doug taking the north eastern section. We planned a 6 turn time limit for this match. I took my 113's and infantry with mortar support while Doug took 3 72's and a mechanized platoon with bmp-1's. Small town in the middle of the board with no trees. All the tree bases were used to represent thick mud as the earth was churned up from all the fighting. The surprise effect was several old WW1 era gas canisters were detonated and a yellow cloud is slowly making its way across the battlefield. All troops will have to make spot checks to see if they notice the gas as it creeps across the battlefield at a speed of 4 inches a turn at theEnd of each players turn.

By turn 5 all infantry on the table had died due to gas exposure. Doug's 72's got knocked out early and failed a morale check. Once they were gone and all the troops were out. It was just a fight between the remaining bmps and my 113's.

We called it there and opted to roll off to see who could claim a narrow victory. I got the high roll and was declared a winner. Some win huh?

That was a hectic fight but entertaining as squad after squad of both sides died as soon as the cloud hit them. It became a race to try to save the launchers but they couldn't outrun the gas. Both of our transports could fight but it would've been a delaying action till the end of next turn

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