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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

wrestling the Leipzig

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Doug Glendwyr, Todd Farnholtz

Onwards to Berlin! Big game planned on Sunday. Should have 4 games going at once.

Talk about nailbiting


Pictures can be found here. Full write up later but the first of two games went very well and we had an overwhelming victory.

Comrade Farnholtz was there with us in spirit, everybody wish him luck as he got called into Florida to help
With the reconstruction efforts. We all hope he has a safe trip as he helps the Joe's destroy the weather dominator

This was a 100 point game of tanks only. Team Wolverine pulled put of Frankfurt earlier that week with the orders to attack Leipzig. Arrival of the primary spearhead meant that everything else was in the rear. Ivan had 14 T-72's on the field, with a field expedient reinforcements of a squadron of T-64's midway through the battle.
Doug's forces were deployed thinly along the north of the field as his forces began a leap frogging tactical action.
Paul and I kept ourselves busy with popping tanks as much as we could. It was like shooting trap and the pidgeons were very drunk Russians.
I lost a few of my Abrams as did Paul. But our overwhelming firepower was effective at blunting their forces. By the end of it, 5 tanks remained and they were in full reverse, popping smoke ontop of what was burning on the field.

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