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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

wrestling the Leipzig pt 2

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Doug Glendwyr, Todd Farnholtz


What a hell of a fight. It was a very very close draw but my scouts saved my bacon in this fight.

Full write up later.

The song seemed to fit.

So this was a pretty big game between Paul and myself vs Doug Glendwyr. Todd was there in spirit as he is currently in Florida helping withbthe reconstruction efforts

We had 10 Abrams broken up into three tank strong squadrons with two cobras and a scout squadron vs 14 T-72's and 5 T-64's with two hinds as air support. And NATO got stomped bad due to numbers
However the take and hold objective we set up at the crossroads in the middle of the map really showed how poor US forces do in take and hold missions without cheaper/lighter tanks to throw at a problem. Doug really knew his stuff and held a masterful command of the board.
It was declared a draw as I still had a single 113 FIST contesting the objective. 7 T-72's couldn't destroy the little aluminum can and I will take what I can get.

Our first turn was pretty good. Utilizing our superior range, Paul and I played the range game for the first few turns. Yet the red horde continued, due to a lack of cheaper tanks and time limits we opted for no infantry on the board.
We couldn't do much once they arrived within 10 inches of the objective and that's when US forces tend to fall apart. Once stripes is released I plan on having a large number of Patton tanks on the field to blunt reds numbers advantage (these tanks should have been part of the initial release)

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