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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

HoF infantry battle.

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Michael Mallory

Second battle at the HoF this time we swapped over to mech platoons and transports with 1 tank each. Same layout as last time for the terrain, we ended up deciding that this mission we would have to roll off to see winner defending. Once the bones were cast and it was my tank that was disabled in the middle of the city. I ended up deploying my 113's on the road and ran them up full road speed while the Soviets took the back roads and bogged their entire BMP squadron in a single patch of woods. On turn two I got my troops off loaded and moved into the surrounding ruins. Forming a perimeter, however intervening terrain prevented me from making any shots. The Soviets managed to unbog 1 BMP and a reinforcement roll got them their T-72 on the table. He opted to rush his tank on the road directly into my TOWs and waiting Abrams. I really need to talk with him about tactics.

By the end of his turn his 72 was pointed directly at my Abrams but the double move ment it couldn't attack, a quick discussion later he opted to keep the move and stated. And I quote, "Fuck the bourgeois" and dabbed. While I weep for our younger generation I moved in for the kill and destroyed his tank with mine. Then I ran an infantry squad up to the wreckage to provide cover for my forces while the Abrams was repaired. The last two turns of the Soviets were spent unsuccessfully attempting to get out of the forest.

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