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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

HoF Tank Battle pt 2

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Todd Farnholtz

Pictures to come, this was just a starter box match of tanks only. No helicopters or infantry. Additional unit was the command track.

The secondary objective was for the US player to locate intel in an abandoned Soviet FoB. While the Russians had three turns to blitz the location and destroy the track. It was down to the wire but the 72 horde was reduced to smoking scrap by the end of turn 3. US located a strangely coded message in a journal and sent it back for intelligence to read. 2 Abrams dead and the command tank kept shrugging off incoming rounds thanks in part to really good dice rolls. The match highlight was all 9 72's bogging down in some farm land 10 inches away from the FoB but no direct shots at the command track. I had placed it well.

Next game should be tomorrow. I will post pictures when I can, I'm working on a number of things and don't have much time to myself while at home.

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