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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Handover Hanover again!

Warsaw Pact
VS British
Melvin Sim

We managed to push forwards out of the small town, now we met more Brits setting up a defensive perimeter in the outer rims of Hanover’s beautiful countryside. “If we take victory today, we should be able to secure Hanover comrade”. “Lets use the darkness to cover our advance, Recce, cover our right flank with the support of three T-64’s, report back on what you see”.

Deployment started with all the British infantry holding positions on both the Objectives, they took up positions in church and along the forest line on the right flank according to reports from our reconnaissance. The BRDM’s moved up with T-64’s to hide along the wheat fields.

Turn 1

Turn one began, All our units advanced forward with caution, main goal was to get the units into position. Nothing fired to benefit from the night as they try to fire back on us. On the right flank, flashes of light came out the forest, and a round found its target into one of the BRDM’s causing the vehicle to explode. Then four missiles suddenly came flying towards the T-64’s on the right, out of nowhere. It was and AMBUSH! One managed to bounce off armour and the others missed, the tank commanders were worried now as they were shaken by sudden heavy fire.

Turn 2

Turn two saw us advance heavy on our left flank, moving up all our mechanized assets. Our infantry charged towards the church managed to kill one guy, the Brits counterattacked killing two teams, we then countered and managed to kill one more. Looks like more are coming from the church, they whacked back and one more team died. Shocked from the infantry pouring into the church, we ordered a tactical retreat as we failed to counter. “fall back, and set a defensive perimeter”. At the rear we could hear helicopters dropping off a platoon of British infantry back in the Wheat field. A few good men rushing through the middle got gunned down by his APC’s but we pressed forward. On the right we had to push the T-64’s right up to their faces of the milans so that they wouldn’t be able to shoot, and met with some cargustavs blitzing to our side, the shot failed to do anything.

Turn 3

Turn three, infantry on our left flank still kept their heads down, not confident after the losses they taken from the holy grounds. The btr’s tried pushing from the other side of the church and realised they have Minefields in the area which slowed down their advance. On our right flank was small skirmishes between the tanks and infantry which seemed to keep his forces from reinforcing the other flank. The infantry in the middle pushed forwards to try to take on the APC’s lining up RPG’s managing to bail one. The BMP’s then opened fire killing one and bailing two.

Turn 4

Turn four, it was still dark for both turns and nothing much happened. We tried pushing forwards with the infantry but the church seems so hard to take. BMP’s open fired on scorpions and the APC’s Bailing one of each from the two platoons. They fired back killing three, Our infantry in the middle then pushed forwards and managed to assault and capture a few APC’s and one scorpion that got bailed out from bmp fire. There was exchange fire from both artillery but nothing much happened, Harriers flew in trying to take out the artillery and AA. Three got shot down while trying and failed their morale to pass. The infantry on the left flank opened fire with everything they got but still didn’t manage to kill the guys in the church.

Turn 5

Turn five, finally its daylight. Full on attack! Btr crossed the hedges near the church and shot to no affect, T-64s opened fire to the milan teams and did nothing, infantry in the middle moved up and assaulted the British infantry killing two and making them fall back. We held ground in the wheat fields. On the right flank the British charged into the tanks but didn’t manage to do anything so they fell back, by this time the scorpions tried flanking our rear right flank meeting BMP’s which took 2 out. British reinforcements then came on with three scorpion platoons from the rear.

Turn 6

Turn six, we kept pouring fire into their infantry, and yet the guys in the church still stood their ground along with all the infantry on the objective on the left flank. The spigots opened fire to the scorpions incoming, taking out one each from each platoon. The bmp’s open fire along with shilkas to kill one more unit from the three platoons to come on. That was three morale checks for him. Looks like its going to be a hard breakthrough on the left flank, but we were surrounding them. A few infantry teams were lost on both sides from exchange of small arms fire. It was his turn to do morale checks for his three scorpion platoons which all rolled a 1 and fell back. There wasn’t much left for the British player to do so he conceded and it was a victory for the Soviet Union.

I lost one platoon of BRDM and he lost quite a lot of units. I think five platoons. Night fighting is a real pain to play, it was a really slow and draggy fight as we didn’t fire much waiting for daylight to break. Still, Soviets march forward!

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