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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Soviet Commander Debut on Bremen

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Warsaw Pact
VS British

Bremen, Bremen, Bremen. That’s all in our minds now. I know this mission is important as it’s my debut to prove to mother Russia that I am worthy of the best tank commander! The only way is forwards comrades!

Deployment and spearhead.

It was clear blue skies and a great time to push on our attack, I ordered my recon to spearhead the front lines only to find out that the Brits have already set up a defensive perimeter. My Infantry and Armour all deployed close to an industrial building where we could hear the Brits laughing and drinking their tea. It was the perfect time to push the attack.

On our first turn, we launched a surprise attack with all the T-64’s and a BMP-2 company to try to take out the brits that held the building. The T-64’s opened fire along with everything I had which included Shilkas, BRDM, and guns from the infantry. We managed to kill two teams with a brilliant head shot which made the other Brits duck down and get pinned. The bmp’s also tried their luck firing into the APC’s at the back managed to kill 2 and bail one taking off some infantry teams. Out of nowhere we spotted 2 scorpion recon patrolling the area. “FIRE” (BOOM EPIC EXPLOSION) they both got wiped out by the bmp’s.

Looks like its time for the attack! We launched an assault losing a team from defensive fire. We whacked back and with all the infantry we had we managed to kill ONE team. He counterattacked killing 2 teams. So I launched another counter attack. Again with all the infantry I managed to kill one team. The brits fell back to regroup and we occupied the building.
Noooo the Brits are launching a counterattack, “HOLY SH*T, 4 harriers incoming on our tank formation!” Lucky with the power of vodka, we managed to wipe out their air support in one turn from all out AA. Phew… the rest of the Brits had to reshuffle their units to help out their flank that was in trouble. He popped an ambush with the milans, and with all the might and firepower they had. The killed off 8 BMP’s. on our right flank we saw a bunch of infantry dashing towards us in their transports to com after the arcacias.

Turn two saw us push forward deeper into the enemy lines, hinds flew in over our tanks trying to take out the rapiers as well. We gunned down the remaining infantry, T-64’s tried taking out the rapiers but they were too hard to spot. Hind pilot mumbled: “FML” on his coms as he saw a bunch of rockets flying towards them, 3 got shot down by rapiers and the blowpipes hiding in the back. They managed to pass their morale and stayed. Infantry stayed put in the building knowing that they would not make it to the forest, And we could only win by turn six! The T-64’s were in a good position, far away enough so that the milans had no range to hit them. Oh yea, I forgot. I Had Arcacias, ok time to fire. Observer spotted the blowpipes and laser designated 6 krusnopol missiles towards them. For some reason the observer sneezed and the laser pointed upwards giving all 6 hits onto the plain grassland.. We had some casualties though, lost one shilka by a snipe shot from the scorpions in the back causing them to flee, 2 gaskins from artillery fire. I think that’s it.
The British infantry still pushing forward on our right flank, arcacias helpless without any support.

Turn three, I pushed deeper into the left flank trying the get cover from the forest, the round of shooting was horrible, killed one rapier, two infantry stands in the forest and moved up with the arcacias trying to take out the milan teams in the middle (attempting to slow down the advance of infantry) *Didn’t work out as 5 of them got shot to S*it. 2 milan teams died though. My remaining infantry tried shooting with all the LMG they had manged to kill one, ONE team.
All was quiet as most of the battle was about maneuvering into position, abbots fell back, and the British infantry kept moving along our flank, they had reserves come in from the back with two scorpions taking out the last remaining arcacia.

Turn four, was quick. 2 T-64’s assaulted the infantry on the objective, Didn’t work, killed one team and the Brits counterattacked with a carlgustav. Lucky I made the save but failed to counterattack. A bunch of shots were fired and saves were made for both sides exchanging fire. Infantry saw a chance to fire all their RPG’s to the abbots approaching the building. Nothing hit. He flew his helis over to the objective hoping to jump out next turn.

Turn five, tanks started rolling deeper into the forest. Fired and killed one milan team. We fired our gaskin into the flying helis, managed to shoot one out of the sky. He had his infantry jump out of the heli near the objective but was not able to make it within 4” of the objective. His abbots then open fired into the building killing one infantry team. We responded by ducking our heads down as we couldn’t fire back. One milan finally found its target and knocked out a T-64.

It was a long fight, and a pretty slow one as he was all infantry, but at turn six, I stared my turn on the objective and finally took the victory. I have made the motherland proud!!

I have to say, the British infantry are a tough nut to crack. Mobility was on my side though. And I was retarded enough to put the objective in the forest to allow him to spearhead deep into the other end of the board. Noob move Froggy, noob move. (I’m still learning)

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Warsaw Pact


  • WarPig says:

    i will say I jusy forgot to remember which turn is. last round i just landed 1 infantry platoon 6″ away of the objective marker. And the Froggy just keeping quite, because he want going home earlier.

  • Raziel says:

    Great story, great battle, and proud victory.
    Nice pics, and good writing.
    Good job!

  • Hawk02 says:

    A good report and a lot pictures, very good!
    Grats for winning and thanks for posting.
    Regards, Frank.

  • Baron says:

    I enjoyed reading your battle report mixed with pictures it gave a nice flow to the story as a whole.
    Fighting Milans doesn’t seem fair :/
    Congratulations on your victory!

  • AlohaRover says:

    Very nice write up

  • Nabeshin says:

    Good first report, might flow better with titles.

  • Red Alert says:


    Tovarisch – Lady war is a tough master

    But she rewards those who take care to learn her lessons.

    Your win has helped our efforts.

    We will follow your activities with interest little Froggy.


  • bayankhan says:

    Good job beating the British infantry. I’m only 50-50 at it myself