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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Wham!! Bam!! Amster...Damn!!!

Warsaw Pact
VS British
Dan Grant

August 25th 1985 1700hr local

British Armor seen crossing highway 12. Heading West toward Ottisville. Composition unknown.

Quick mission-Recon in force (reset the board)

Objectives set. Are you ready to rummmmmble!!!

Turn 1:
Troop 1 dashes forward, Troop 2 moves to cover their dash, XO and CO split to support each troop and swingfires dash to their right

Russians use spearhead and scouts move to the first Russian objective-The first T-64 company is right behind them, 2nd T-64 company fans out to the left. Durchenko moves to the extreme left.

Scouts forward.
Going according to plan. Dan is planning something.

Turn 2 :
The troops move -1 troop moves up and over the open field and 2 troop moves toward the closest objective-fire at scouts-miss-fire long range T-64s and bails it.

Russians remount the T-64, Scouts fir ATGMs roll 2 1s and miss.


Turn 3:
1 Troop secures 1 objective and 2 Troop secures another objective. Now to claim a third!!! The swingfires move to cover an objective. A T64 is KIA and the CO KIAs a scout BMP.

The remaining scout passes morale fires-misses
T-64s fire and ......useless
Another T-64 company moves and 3 bogg down in the trees

It's all gonna come down to that center objective.

Turn 4:
The Brits have a round of just awful rolling. The CO does KIA the last scout BMP, but they only manage to bail 2 T-64s

The Russians manage to KIA the British CO and KIA an additional Chieftan.

Not according to plan.

Turn 5:
8 shots from the chieftans and another bad round results in only 2 bails -a swingfire shot hits-Russian rolls a 6 armor save. XO misses his shots. And its gonna end badly.

The Russians Kill 2 more Chieftans and miss the swingfires and the XO. The last Chieftan breaks it's morale and the fight ends.

Game over man!! Game over!!

So-not our best game-but pretty fast-less than an hour. Bad rolling for Dan and some lucky rolls for me got me the win. I'll be honest-my only plan was to keep Dan from getting that center objective.

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