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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Panzers at Thruner Wald!!

Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Dan Grant

Colonel Pavel Durchenko, being halted at Bruck, asks for permission to move to Dellbruck-it is granted. The plan is to rearm, and refuel and attack Holweide from the north and forcing the Germans at Bruck to withdraw west or risk being cut-off. Durchenko picks the Thurner wald area to refuel and rearm.

Air recon shows no enemy activity. They even added names and lines for us.

Pavel Durchenko wakes from his nap to the smell of something cooking.......eggs?? He sees his driver with a wide smile" Comrade Colonel, we found these-would you like some sir?" Durchenko breaks out his kit and is about to dig into a pile of eggs when the radio screeches to life. " Comrade Colonel, an Army staff car is approaching the perimeter." " Is it one of ours or theirs?" asks Durchenko. " Ours, of course sir" Durchenko wonders to himself, what in the hell are they doing here?

This can't be good.

A General that Durchekno doesn't know approaches with 2 Colonels-1 is definitely KGB, the other?? "Comrade Colonel, what is the meaning of this delay?" Durchenko answers as quickly as he can. "Comrade General, we are rearming and refueling and plan on attacking before 10a.m." " Our goal is to attack the enemy from the north." " The plan was approved by General Stashenkov a few hours ago." The T-64 radio cackles to life once more......Comrade Colonel, German armored forces have been spotted approaching the wald from Hohenhaus!!! Durchenko alerts his company commanders. " General, feel free to grab some eggs!!! we will return." He hopes.

Turn 1:
The German Jag 1 unit fires and KIAs a spandrel, A Leo 2 zug (2 tanks) also KIAs a spandrel. Artillery fires and is ineffective-it does however destroy a farmers truck though. (hope he's got insurance)

The Russians Scout BMPs used spearhead and dash forward. The remaining Spandrel passes its morale. T64s move up.

Where's that gecko when you need him
Russian smoke screen.

Turn 2:
The German Co moves under cover. The Leo2 zug (3 tanks strong) fires and KIAs 2 of the BMP2 scouts. The arty direct fires and manages to crush a BMP2 scout. Sending metal and body parts all over Germany.

The Russian gets Hinds!!! The lone BMP2 scout passes his morale. The T-64s move-I think the additional 4 inches of movement caught the German CO by surprise. The T-64s only manage to KIA 1 Leo2 and bail another. The German tanks MG a Hind and boom it goes down in flames. The remaining Hind only manages to bail a Leo2. The lone scout BMP2 hits and KIAs an M109G with an ATGM.

A BMP2 is vaporized.
Arty ineffective.

Turn 3:
The German fires smoke-the Leo2s KIA 4 T64's

The Russians push through the smoke screen-that addition movement is still throwing Dan. The scout BMP2 knocks out another M109G and a T-64 takes out the last one. The Hind-it did pass its morale, takes all kinds of hits but remains flying and KIAs a Leo2. The 2 tank strong T64 tank company KIAs the German CO, but he manages to switch tanks. Durchenko, the tanker ace with 6 kills....misses and rerolls...and misses again. Thanks tiger ace dice!!!!

Tank on Tank action.T64s are giving as good as they get.
How could you miss ace? No eggs or Yoohoo for you.

Turn 4:
The German CO gets 2 hits on the 2 tank T64 tank company. He bails one and the other makes its armor save. The 1 tank leo2 zug gets a kill on a T-64. the last spandrel gets destroyed by a Jag1.

The 2 strong T-64 tank company passes its morale and remounts. The Hind knocks out the last Leo2 of 1 zug. The T-64s take out the last Leo 2 from the other zug. The German is out of formations and withdraws.

The end comes swiftly. Next time Dan.
Jag1s under cover. They took out the Spandrel section.
German CO says later gator!!!!

Durchenko returns to accept whatever awaits him at his temporary HQ and finds no trace of the General, the staff car, or his hasty breakfast. Great!!! more canned meat rations and black bread-it's gonna be a long day!!!

We played a quick mission-I rolled a 1 Annihilation, Dan rolled a 4 I rolled a 3 so he was the attacker. I rolled a 3 so it was daylight!!! I think the T64s threw Dan bit. I made the mistake of closing the range too quickly and lost the advantage of the long range shot.

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