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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

US Armor at Greppin

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

Mission: Annihilation
Attacker U.S.
First Move-Warsaw Pact
Time of Day-Dusk

With the German Offensive east of Leipzig repelled with serious losses. The West Germans halt to regroup, resupply and scrape some kind of force together. If pressure keeps developing from Gera and east of the city, The Germans and indeed the Americans will be forced to withdraw or risk getting cut-off, The Americans scrape up what few armor formations they have left and try to attack the Russians near Greppin in the hopes that they can force breakthrough and give the Western Allies a chance to regroup.

Durchenko is called to a meeting, the Americans are using their last reserves in this area to force a breakthrough in the Greppin area. Stopping the Americans here will allow us to push further south and possibly trap the Americans at Leipzig the way the British are trapped in Hanover.

Situation: An American tank force is assembling southwest of Greppin. They have front line M-1s and possible ATGM support.

Mission: Your mission is to take the tank battalion you have right now and attack the Americans as they leave their assembly areas, disrupting their plans at this stage should make them easy pery and put your battalion in a good position from which to launch further spoiling attacks.

Durchenko looks at his maps and his tanks begin to roll. " late though'" he says to himself, "It will be dark soon" and he knows what that means.

Getting late. We must move quickly.

Turn 1
The T-64s move forward (both companies) and engage the 1st US tank platoon getting 4 hits but only KIAs 1 and bails another. All shots at the ITVs miss

The ITVs fire and KIA 1 T-64 and bail another. The M1s fire and KIA 1 T-64 and bail another. The ITVs roll a 1 and fail their shoot and scoot.

T64s begin to explode. But how?

Turn 2:
The T-64 company breaks and flees. The 2nd T-64 company fires and KIAs another M-1. The T-72 company moves and fires bailing an M-1 from 2nd platoon.

1st platoon moves to finish the T-64 company, the XO moves but gets bogged down in the trees. 2nd platoon moves up to engage by team. The CO-hey it's CPT Coyle tanker ace (8 kills) moves to engage as well. 1st platoon gets 3 hits on the T-64s-they all pass their saves. Coyle and 2nd platoon only manage to bail 2 T-72s. The ITVs nail a T-72.

The T72s now move to engage as the sun sets.

Turn 3:
And The sun goes down and crap, it's night time:
Night vision- Soviet 24
US 20

The T-64s fire at the 1st platoon M1s (2 tanks) get 3 hits-US rolls 3 6s for saves!!!!! The T-72s get 3 hits and KIA 2 of 2nd platoons M1 (now only 2 tanks) They bail the American COs tank.

Coyle remounts and falls back. The XO and 1st platoon fire at the T-64 company and KIA another T-64. 1st platoon fails it's shoot and scoot (roll a 1) 2nd platoon KIAs 1 T-72 and bails another.

3 6s?? What the hell man!!
Night falls and its gonna become a close range tank battle.

Night Vision
Russians 16
US 8

Turn 4:
The T64s and T-72s close the range and engage the M1s-only managing to bail 1

1st Platoon KIAs another T-64 and 2nd Platoon KIAs another T-72 and the ITVs pass a bog test and move off the hill.

Close range tank fighting.

Night vision Russian 20
US 12

Turn 5:
The T-64s KIA another M1 from 1st platoon and bail another. The T-72s KIA 1 M-1

The 1st M1 Platoon fails its morale, 2nd Platoon passes theirs. The XO KIAs another T-64 (now down to 1) and Coyle and 2nd Platoon (1 tank) KIA another T-72 (Coyle's 8th) and bail 2 more. The ITVs KIA the last T-64!! We have lost 2 formations.

Down to 4 tanks left for us and 1 for them.

Night Vision Soviet 20
US 12

Turn 6:
The BMP1's hit the XOs M-1 with 1 ATGM-and only bail him. The T-72s hit the last M-1 from 2nd platoon and KIA it. The US is out of formations and Coyle and company fall back. Victory is ours Comrades!!!!

The last M1 is destroyed

The game took about an hour to play. Mike said he had more fun on this one then on most of the other fights. Now he's even so he owes me no games and I need to give him some gas money.

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