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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


Warsaw Pact
VS British
Two T72 companiess converge on the left flank objective
Turn 2 - Infantry Dismount and tank assault set up
I push him back and the Swingfires burn
Turn 3 Every Company assaults but all are repulsed
A Chieftain Troop burns, but I am defeated

I took 100 points of Tank battalion against Chris' Brits. I had two big T72 companies, a small BMP2 company, a Recce company, Hinds and BM21s. He had three Chieftain Troops, a Scorpian Troop, two infantry platoons, Rapiers and Swingfires. He kept his tanks in reserve and placed an infantry platoon on each objective.

Turn 1 - I mass on the left and head for the objective while my Recce sets up to cut-off his second platoon from reinforcing. He ambushed his Swingfires and kills one T72 through the darkness.

Turn 2 - My infantry debuss on the far left while my tanks move up. One company and the Recce BMPs kill the Swingfires while the second T72 company assaults the infantry. We are pushed back after killing two stands but our infantry follows up and is now within 4" of the objective.

He brings a Chieftain Troop on but fails Blitz. He kills a T72.

Turn 3 - I can win if I push his infantry in the open (no dig in) off the objective. All of my platoons fire MG at the British infantry (some 54 shots) and I kill one stand. The British infantry heroically pass Counterattack rolls against four different assaults (two T72 companies, the infantry and the Recce BMPs). They lose nothing, my forces are pushed back and I lose the recce. The British hold on!

He brings two Chieftain Troops on, dawn breaks and I lose all but three T72s. I pass morale.

Turn 4 - I have a slim chance. I flank his Chieftains that could DF and kill one while bailing the other two with the help of the BMPs. My infantry are mowed down but I launch a single tank assault. I win the assault, but he can hold on just within 4" of the objective. I throw in my last two tanks to the assault, but they are within DF range of three Chieftains and they die.

Result - British Win. A fun and brutal game that could have gone my way in Turn 3. Alas, British infantry are tough as nails in assaults! Oh - and the Hinds died...

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  • Figure11 says:

    Thanks! Victory was in my grasp…rolling 2s for three counterattacks in a row was a new low for me and cost me the game and let our side down – but it was also cool to see my opponent’s platoon of grunts make an epic stand! I will make them pay in the Ruhr…

  • fingolfen says:

    Condolences on your loss – good report though!