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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

A good day for Captain Williams.

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Andrey Morozov

Story of Captain Wiliams of 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment. Part 1.

The commander of the first battalion was in these places a couple of days ago. Then they collided forehead with the Soviet tank battalion and only the luck and skilful command of Captain Williams saved the company from complete destruction and allowed to destroy the battalion of Soviet tanks. From that day he began to more actively engaged in the reconnaissance, come up with some new ways to get information about the environment and is now one of these methods, particularly thermal visor tuned to the minimum parameters informed him that in front of his battalion in three kilometers there is a column of very hot air. And Williams knowing that there are no allied forces in that area, I was sure that this is a large group of Soviet tanks. He gave several commands and his two companies turned in a long line. And from the commander's tank went the radio command to helicopters escort and air cover.
A few minutes later, Williams saw a group of Soviet tanks, self-propelled artillery systems and ZSU emerging on the edge of the forest in a wide array.
Two full companies of tanks drove out of the forest and the menacing silhouettes of Soviet assault helicopters appeared over the forest, which jerked to intercept the second Abrams platoon.
"Open fire, artillery priority and ZSU" ordered Williams and tanks fired their guns in the light armored ZSU and self-propelled artillery vehicles. A minute later the edge of the forest filled burning Soviet tanks.
Two full companies of tanks drove out of the forest and the menacing silhouettes of Soviet assault helicopters appeared over the forest, which jerked to intercept the second Abrams platoon.
"Destroy these flyers" quickly said Williams in the walkie-talkie and the cover helicopters jerked at the interception of the Mi-24.
And the Soviet tanks opened fire tried to crush the first company in number, but the distance so far saved US Tanks.
"Stand aside the small fry, the big guys are already here." came on the general radio wave of the American forces and from the west the silhouettes of the Warthogs appeared on the interception. And a second later one Mi-24 broke out and began to fall to the ground.
Meanwhile, heavy MI-24 fired a volley and two tanks of Williams' second company turned into burning graves.
Meanwhile, an infantry company on the M113 began to bypass the flank using huge bonfires from helicopters as a cover.
In the sky above them, the Mi-24 began the dance of death with the Cobra, and the four helicopters began pouring each other with jets of fire from a distance of three hundred meters.
Soviet tanks, carrying losses, finally reduced the distance to the US first tank company and shells around the Wiliam’s commander's tank began to lay down ever denser.
"Move back, faster," Wilms shouted into the radio. Soviet tanks were getting closer and closer. But luck today was on the side of the Americans. The second group of Warthogs appeared from the east and covered the line of attacking T-72 with volley of missiles.
Although the attack did not cause T-72 losses, it at least gave Abrams again to break the distance, and to cover his left flank runinami monastery.
In the meantime, the VADS group tried to bypass enemy tanks and reduce the distance to Soviet BMP-2, which would divert them from their tanks. Their commander realized that they had succeeded when, just fifty meters ahead of him, a BMP group appeared from behind the house.
Williams having built tanks in one line and covering his flank with the ruins of the monastery began methodically to shoot Soviet tanks on his flank. Communication with the second company was absent, but he hoped that it was only interference.
Again in the sky appeared silvery silhouettes and the second platoon BMP-2 who led the fire on the first company from their missile, start exploding on the edge of the forest.
The tanks of the first company backed around the monastery and Williams saw with horror that only one tank was left from the second company, and an almost complete company T-72 from the village was approaching it.

The fate of the First Battalion, hung in the balance.

But today was not a day of tanks. Today was the day of infantry.

Sergeant Carson two weeks only seating in M113 andd a battalion of Soviet tanks is bei expecting when tank shell finished his brilliant career. So 5 minutes ago, when they left their vehicles, he looked around the battlefield and saw how VADS is finishing the reconnaissance of the BPM company anng pulled into the same village a mile from them, substituting their rear for the infantry. "Well, guys!" he shouted to his platoon "Ride is over, and now it's time to go and run! Hey, blond grab the dragons, it's time to surprise them!" he say to his SiC.
As Williams and the commander of the Soviet armored group did not see a company of infantrymen running across the field to the village. The Soviet commander did not see how 200 meters behind his tanks on the village street jumped out a group of American infantrymen and their huge black-skinned sergeant shot right in his T-72 tank from his huge missile system.
Williams saw only the fact that the Soviet tanks that turning their turrets toward the remnants of his company suddenly began to explode one after another.
"Come on! We need to squeeze them!" commanded Williams and moved his tank to the remnants of the T-72 company.
And a minute later a couple of Warthogs put an end to this battle, finishing off the last couple of Soviet tanks.

I apologize for the bad english :)

I present my second report as a continuation of the stories about the war. I plan to write a couple more stories about Captain Williams, with whom my friends from Moscow will help me.

In Moscow, we have a small community of ten players, we are late with the start of the company, but we will try to please you with many more reports!

The first story you can find in my reports as The last fight of Captain Belov (Frankfurt Dust Up). Perhaps the Soviet captain will return to battle to avenge Williams for his dead comrades.

I look forward to your criticism and suggestions regarding stories / reports.
As well as the wishes of the subjects. While in the future, the story of the military path of the hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel Orlov, which is piloted by a special Mi-24 "Eagle".

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