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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

One night in Niederbayern

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Andrey Morozov

Story of Captain Wiliams of 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment. Part 3.

It was getting dark.
Captain Williams was sitting on the stern of his new Abrams and looked thoughtfully into the sunset whistling a popular song of the last prewar months. Sergeant Carson quietly approached him and a couple of minutes, too, was watching the sunset.
"What's the captain," One night in Rurh makes a hard man humble? "
"No, sergeant, but "I can feel the devil walking next to me."
The sergeant laughed.
"Well, you have an excellent company, sir.
Now Williams laughed.
"That's for sure, "the luckiest and most successful sergeant in the American army", so the press calls you?
- Thank you "The most successful young captain in the Army", so what do we have today?
- Today, today, we finally attack. We advance at midnight, so we would say "Good Morning" to Soviet troops near Niederbayern. Collect your people, briefing in half an hour.

It was the last hour before dawn and it was pretty dark when the Americans went out into the attack area. Williams learned the mistakes of the previous days and now let the infantry on foot chain ahead of the tanks, on top of them was covered by a pair of Cobra.
The offensive on the front began at the pre-dawn hour, and all advanced vehicles was on, turning off the headlights. Even the helicopters turned off all the hull lights.
Infantrymen quickly ran forward through the field that would be faster to reach the final point of their attack - a small farm near the strategically important crossroads.r to reach the end point of their approach - a small farm near the strategically important crossroads.
And when the goal of the offensive of their group remained a few hundred meters, the leading helicopter reported a group of Soviet tanks ahead of him in the field behind the farm.
"Infantry, get close to the tanks and take the farm, the helicopters do not open fire, do not take too much risk," Wilms commanded on the radio.
After that, his leading tank roared his engine and rushed forward, the rest of the tanks drove after him for several minutes getting to the farm.
Meanwhile, the infantry reached the farm and Sergeant Carson quickly arranged the crews of the "Dragons" at the windows so that they would begin shelling the noted group of tanks. Helicopters hovered almost above the house trying to hide behind it from the tanks.
But it was worthwhile for Wilms' tanks to slow down the course, as in one of the fields on the right flank the lights of the shots began to flash and the right tank in the line flashed illuminating the night with the tongues of flame from its turret.
"It's an ambush! Back, do not let them get closer, "commanded Williams and his tanks harshly moved back, starting to fire at a group of Soviet tanks that suddenly appeared on their flank. A second later, the first T-72 exploded and exploded.
But the Soviet T-72 quickly shortened the distance and went into the flank of the American tank, and here is another bright bonfire lit up the night in place of Abrams.
"Now go ahead! Faster, we get around them! "And the remaining three American tanks quickly moved into the flank of Soviet tanks. A series of gun shots consecrated the night and three more tank fires announced the death of this group of Soviet tanks.
Leaning out of the hatch, Williams suddenly felt the death put his hand on his shoulder. "Forward! God save us! Forward! "He shouted into the radio and, twisting his head, saw two huge terrible silhouettes gliding over the ground to his tanks from behind. Two Mi-24s rushed to the aid of their tankmen.
"Forward! Through the fire! Do not give them time for aiming! "Continued to scream Williams and his three tanks rushed through the burning formation of the Soviet T-72. Covering himself from the fire, Williams saw how the anti-tank missiles rushed to them, but the fire from the destroyed tanks knocked their aim off and they got into the already destroyed tanks while his tanks rushed through the pre-dawn twilight away from the terrible Soviet helicopters.
"Do not panic tankers, we take them over," came the message from Cobra and Cobra two quickly became close with the Mi-24 and started firing at them from their Vulcan cannons.
The pre-dawn rays of the sun lit up the battlefield. With every minute grew brighter. Mi-24 laying the turn attempted to again attack the American tanks, while the Cobra and M113 firing them from all the barrels tried to drive them away from the American tanks.
"To all tanks to open fire on enemy tanks, the infantry to support us with fire," commanded Williams, by force of will, forcing himself to forget about the enemy helicopters. Mi-24 again made a volley, but their systems have not yet managed to change from night mode to daylight and missiles missed again. The infantry opened fire from their "Dragons" and with the first volley, the enemy command tank was knocked down, causing confusion in the enemy ranks.
Cobra approached the Mi-24 at the distance of the pistol shot and began to shoot them at close range.
Williams gave short commands to the walkie-talkie and his tanks smoothly moving forward bombard Soviet tanks with a hail of shells.
A few minutes of shooting and it was all over. The far field was blazing and only a few huge bonfires stood out the positions of the T-72 standing there a few minutes ago.
Cobra successfully using their maneuverability evaded the Mi-24re fire and the first Soviet helicopter finally collapsed into a forest as huge fireball.
The second quickly slid to the side and one of the Cobras went up in flames, rushed to the ground.
Leading American helicopter turned to the enemy again opened a furious fire from theVulcan.
"Infantry and infantry fighting vehicles on the left flank" Sergeant Carson's voice was heard in the radio, and Williams quickly moved his tanks under the cover of the farm to a new enemy.
"YEEEES! I made it! I'm coming to you! "Wilms heard from the Cobra pilot on the radio, and a moment later a loud explosion from behind informed Wilms that there were no more Soviet helicopters in the area.
The tanks opened fire on the BMP, and they began to explode one after another. "Wow! They went crazy! "Carson said looking as the Soviet infantry stood up and ran to a group of American tanks firing from their weapons.
"Forward. We'll finish the work, "Williams commanded, and his tanks, having left the farm, began shooting in the Soviet soldiers at point-blank range.
And after a few seconds of this fiery storm, the remnants of Soviet soldiers rushed to retreat.
"Let them run. Do not pursue," said Wilms, and leaned back wearily into his seat.

The sun was hot, but Williams lay quietly on the turret of his tank enjoying the time rest.
As always, Carson appeared beside the tank silently.
"What is it, Captain?"
- It is not clear yet, the fighting for this region continues with varying success. But we still have the opportunity to win.
- How long do you think this war will last?
"I do not know the sergeant." But there is talk that the Soviet Union is exhausted, and NATO is pulling all available troops to Europe.
- Great! My brother serves in the Marines! It will be great to see him!
- Yeah, I heard even some special units arrive in a week. Some special veterans.
- Well, let's see ....
They both turned and looked to the northeast, where the distant sounds of the battle came from.

We played Niederbayern bridgehead for a little more than 50 points.
So black and white photo - this is the night photo :)

Favorite Williams song of course - One Night in Bangkok(video belov)
Previous parts of the story can be found in my profile.
I hope to have time to play and write another report to the end of the campaign . The next campaign I plan to play for is "Special Veterans' Unit" which I am currently finishing to paint.

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