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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Frankfurt Dust Up

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

The last fight of Captain Belov.

The chapter corresponds to the photo numbers in the gallery. Sorry for my english :)

The last fight of Captain Belov.
The attack on Frankfurt was nothing bad for the advanced group of Captain Belov. And although he led the attack on the second company with artillery and antiaircraft battalions attached to it, he was confident in his crews, leading T-72 tanks. But then he saw the enemy helicopters ahead, apparently accompanying the tank group.
And having received confirmation from the other crews that the enemy was facing them, the captain ordered an attack.
To his surprise, the Americans also moved their tanks forward and took a more gradual course, began to hide behind the ruins of the monastery.
The company ZSU "Shilka" quickly moved to intercept enemy helicopters. The first shots of tank guns were heard, and the captain saw in triplex how his tank with the number 6 lost the turret from the direct hit of the US tank.
And then Belov saw with horror as the shells of his tanks slid over the Abrams armor without causing them harm. He move of triplex to find a radiostation and switched to local communications sent a short request for help.
Several long minutes passed while the Abrams' shells shredded the tanks of the second company, and Belov saw Hope in the sky. Hope in the form of a four MI-24.
But either because of the speed, or because of fear of getting into their tanks, the helicopters gave a volley of rokets with too much flight, and only one missile found its target and hit one Abrams behind the monastery.
Than MI-24 start stabilize for confident fire, captain saw a group of armored vehicles that mowed from a forest and Belov identified them as transports m113, and he also saw how the enemy cobra stopped playing with an anti-air company in catch-ups quickly began to draw closer to the Mi-24. Mi-24 continued to fire on tanks ignoring armored vehicles and a minute later the second and third Abrams blazed up.
And a minute later Belov cried out in horror as those armored cars that he identified as transport armored personnel carriers turned out to be a platoon of anti-aircraft "Vulkans" and now they start shooting into Mi-24 from five hundred meters.
And literally in ten seconds, the fiery jets of Volcanoes overthrew three helicopters and only the commander of the Mi-24 quickly became close to the enemy Cobra and secured himself from fire from the ground, as the US anti-aircraft gunners clearly feared to fire on targets alongside their friendly helicopters.
Fields around the Belov tank were blazing from burning tanks, and to the right and left of it burning helicopters crashed into the ground and a fire storm blocked the view. Belov threw open the hatch and leaned out to look around.
And Belov saw how the last two Abrams aim in his last tanks.
The last Mi-24, breaking through the Сobras, got in one of the helicopters with full salvo of his cannon and Belov saw how the Cobra crashing into the ground.
The next thing the captain saw was a fresh company of Abrams bursting into the fields from a grove from which enemy anti-aircraft armored personnel carriers arrived before. Belov shouted orders to the driver and he quickly led the tank through a fire from the tanks and helicopter lying on it, that would hide behind him from the Abrams and their thermal sights.
Belov's headphones start talking and he began to look around trying to understand where the first company was coming from. And he saw a slender line of relatives T-72, and the silver silhouettes coming to them from the rear.
The flying "Warthogs" covered the tanks that were coming in a row with a volley of missiles. Belov tried to warn the commander of the first company, but at that moment the shell of Abramsy entered his commander's tank cleanly under the turret.
For the first company, the reconnaissance of the company on BMP-2 approached the village and their commander was horrified to watch Abraham slowly advance forward to shoot the last tanks of the first company.
And the commander of the reconnaissance from his BMP-2 did not hear and did not see a pair of "Warthogs" who turned around already did the second call. The guns of the aircraft spun and for a few seconds connected the two planes to the ground and the Soviet BMP with a line of fire.
And while the American planes again gained speed and gaining altitude, above the fires burning wrecks of the Soviet tanks, the second plane pilot called the commander of the US armored group and was pleased to hear from him "Thank you guys, there are no more live Communists around"

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