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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Operation Nintendo

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact

Another line formed ... another line broken.
Ivan was pressing hard and NATO command elected to try a counterattack scenario.
Once again I formed another blocking force consisting of: 3 mechanized infantry , 3 ITVS 1 pair of VADS a 4 plane flight of A10s.... ( I specifically requested the same squadron as they have yet to have been shot down in all my games.) Word had gotten back that armor crews under my command suffered 90% casualties in my last 2 engagements. My superiors were telling me this is because I keep placing my faith in the air force. So I dropped the cobras and added a 5 tank M1 Abrams . This went against force structure as 4 is the maximum. So in my mind I needed a good reason why my army keeps breaking force structure and gets to bend the rules all the time .... 'My commander has compromising Polaroid’s' .... Problem solved.
With my forces assembled. Morgan placed his all of his BMPS and infantry on the table and kept the T72’s in reserve. I threw everything I could at the BMPS as my Abrams knocked out a full BMP platoon on my left flank. Morgan revealed his ambush the next turn when another platoon of BMPS hiding in a wheat field caught 3 of my tanks on the side. The resulting tanks exploding finally gave my A10s illumination and a heading . The next turn allowed my a10s to wipe out Morgan’s carnation battery and some other BMPS . However my pilots’ luck ran out. 2 of them ended as upside down fireballs in a field somewhere. Morgan finally played his ace and brought up his T72s in reserve. To make matters worse. I didn’t have enough AT to stop him as my dragon crews watched their missiles skip across the enemies turrets. After a couple of turns of relentless fire. I committed 2 squads of infantry in 2 assaults to try and dislodge the Russian inf. holding the closet objective. It failed. With all my tanks burning and numerous infantry dead. It was time to fall back.
Rumor has it the EM50 Urban Assault Vehicle is somewhere in theater. I pray it gets here soon.

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