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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Red Alert

Dust -Up


The Warsaw Pact has broken through the West German Border and their forward attachments push on. Fog of war prevails, soon they will meet the NATO formations and blood will be spilt.

1st Guards tank Army

HQ - T-72
5x T-72
3x T-72
BMP-2 Motor Coy - Med (9x BMP-2)
2x BMP-2 Recon

US Tank Coy

HQ - M1 Abrams
2x M1 Abrams
2x M1 Abrams
2x M163 VADS Vulcan
2x AH-1 Cobra
2x A-10 Warthog


The two formations met near a service station junction. The Soviet Forces deployed strong, their BMP-2 Motor Platoon and larger T-72 coy. Facing them were 2xM1 Abrams and Cobras.

The infantry dismounted and secured the NATO objectives in their deployment while the T-72's and BMP-2's rushed forward. The T-72 managed to take out one M1 Abrams.

The Cobras attacked the BMP-2 and the two M1 Abrams added to the fire, taking out 4 of the armored carriers.

The BMP-2 were now in position to fire their Spandrel Missiles. The T-72 moved forward and were in a good firing position. They wiped out the two remaining M1 Abrams in the shooting step and won.


These are our fist games and it is steep learning curve. Lets hope the US player learns fast.

As the us player i am learning to use my force and what to start with.
Wich did not work in this mission at all :)

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Warsaw Pact
Red Alert


  • Baron says:

    Nice report, sorry about the outcome mate :/

  • AlohaRover says:

    Have you changed the list? Added more inf?

  • Tgunner91 says:

    Yeah, that´s been my experience. US morale is pretty average and with two tank platoons you set yourself up for a morale test when you lose one. However I have to run with short platoons too because I´m just building my force. You just have to stay out of sight until you can get your shots off then go back for cover. Shoot and scoot is great for this.

  • General POTUS says:

    Stand strong USA!

    Platoons of two Abrams are pretty brittle – only takes one bailed & you risk loosing the second on morale.