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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Red Alert


75 points


US - Attacker

HQ - M1 Abrams
4x M1 Abrams
3x M109 artillery + laser guided projectiles
1x M113 Observer
2x A-10 Warthog


2xM901 ITV
2x M163 Vads
2x AH-1 Cobra

Warsaw Pact - Defender

HQ - T-72 (we realised later that he should start in reserves)
4x BMP-2 Recon
Small Motor Rifle Coy, 7 infantry and 4 BMP-2
4x SA-13 Gophers

In ambush - 4x T-72 (only unit with more than front 4)


3x T-72
3x T-72
4x MI-24 Hind


Initial attack

The US only had the M1 Abrams as a main attacking unit. The Warsaw pact player decided to hold back his ambush until to last moment and the M1 Abrams would otherwise easily pick the T-72 off. In the first round of shooting the WP lost 3x BMP-2 and realised that he would quickly lose his defenders so he attempted to attack the artillery which was unguarded. The plan failed and soon the HQ tank and all BMP-2 were burning and the M1 Abrams and M109 artillery started to focus on the dug in infantry, killing 3 teams.

One after another the defenders are destroyed

Still it was turn 4 now and with the formation leader lost and only 4 infantry and 3 Gophers remaining now was the time for the ambush. Luckily two Units arrived from reserves in the same turn. The Hinds concentrated on the M109 as the M163 Vulcans covered the M1 Abrams tanks.

The Hinds concentrate on the Artillery

and the tanks on the M1 Abrams tanks;

The ambush is sprung and the T-72 manoeuver into battle postitions.

Carnage ensued and at the end the US player had to move his M1 Abrams near an objective or lose the game. He had now lost his commander but had 3x MBT remaining. On the flank the M901's advanced. The Soviets had lost half their T-72 but now the last Coy arrived but only close enough to take out the M901's.

The battle reaches the boiling point, who can stand the pressure?

The engagement was bloody as hell and with only 3 T-72 remaining the Soviets finally broke the attacking formation. But they had then lost 4 Units and were very close to breaking themselves.

This battle was good but i still lost would have loved to take the victory but the russians were lucky with reserves at the right time.

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