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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Almost did it

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United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Red Alert

Warsaw Forces Attacking
US Defending
100 Points


The battle lines are drawn

Frímann and Gandri


M113 Team HQ

Full M113 Platoon
Full M113 Platoon
4x M1 Abrams
2x M901 ITV AT
2x M901 ITV AT

6x M109 Artillery
M113 Fist
4x M163 VADS
4x AH-1 Cobra
2x A-10 Warthog

Red Alert and Søren



4x T-72
4x T-72
4x T-72
Medium BMP-2 Motor Rifle Coy
3x BMP-2 Recon
4x SA-13

4x Mi-24 Hind
2x SU-25


The battle lines are drawn

With 100 points to each sides the forces deployed were formidable.

Standard Soviet Operating Procedure was to attack heavily against one objective and attempt to overwhelm the US defenders.

To this task the Soviet Commanders sent their Motor Company, both infantry and BMP-2 along with one T-72 Coy and the HQ.

The other two T-72 Coy and Recon moved to a central position to block the US forces from redeployment.

A bold plan and the US even sprung their ambush against the blocking force.

But by now the US Air Force had recovered and sent multiple sorties to the fray.

The Soviets advanced but their losses were starting to tell.


Losses mount on both sides, will the Soviets have enough punch left when they reach the objective?

Both Armies were grinding each other down. But the Soviet infantry remained strong enough to attempt to destroy the defending US infantry so the NATO forces had to rush in new units to contest the objective.

By now the Soviets had lost ten of their T-72 with three remaining. The US had only lost a single M1 Abrams, with three remaining but a little away from the main action.


The Soviet Motor Company tries to consolidate the objective and the M1 Abrams move quickly to prevent it from being captured.

What followed was a bloody melee, as two tired boxers struggled to land the winning blow. Combined artillery, airstrikes and machine guns brought the Soviet Motor Company to a breaking point - but the stood their ground while the NATO forces withered away. For a moment it looked like the Soviets would have to test Formation morale, before we realized that the SA-13 platoon was also a core formation, still very much in good spirits. But it was the only one.

Finally the last BMP-2's supported by a SU-25 airstrike clear the area around the objective.

The last two infantry teams were now in sole possession of the objective.


But the Soviet casualties had been horrendous.

Nato Perspective:
This first round has been horrible and i am almost done with Team Yankee after 6 losses in a row out of 6 games played total in Team Yankee.
But i will see what happens in the next turn of the firestorm.

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Warsaw Pact
Red Alert


  • Baron says:

    Haha, congrats again Commander Red Alert for your win mate 🙂
    Keep the reports coming!

  • Mikle friesky says:

    It took me more than a year to get my first win. I hung in and now winning games. Most of my adversaries have been military guys with lots of training. It was fun always learning new tactics. Wins will come.

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Could comments Bob. Do you also give advice on German forces? Maybe I can hire you as a consultant to get me a few more wins. I like your analysis.

  • Robert Burnham says:

    Gandri –

    Based on my experience in the two games I have played. . . one against a T-64 Battalion and one against a BMP Horde . . . the mech infantry company is the way to go if you are playing defense. A few thoughts. . .

    1. It is almost impossible to break a U.S. Mech Infantry Company of ten units.

    2. Looking at your battle reports I think you may be relying too much on air support. In a six turn game, a flight of two A-10s that comes in 50% of the time will only kill six vehicles if you are lucky. For the same 10 points you can have a mech infantry platoon that has four Dragons, four LAWs, four .50 Cal machine guns on your M113s, and two ITVs.

    3. By going with the above option you now have two units for the price of a one unit of 2 A-10s.

    4. Although VADs will kill Hinds and jets, VADs cannot kill tanks. Take four more ITVs for the price of those VADs because ITVs will kill Hinds, as can Dragons and .50 cal machine guns. Getting rid of the VADs might make you vulnerable to the jets, but remember they will usually come in only 50% of the game. If only two, they can only kill two vehicles a turn.

    Hang in there and do not give up yet! Although you may have lost six games in a row, you are gaining experience. The more you play the better you get.


  • AlohaRover says:

    Nice report. Please dont get too frustrated.

  • Nabeshin says:

    Cool report, trying putting the pictures in to match the text descriptions for MAXIMUM STORYTELLING.

    Good work!

  • K. Meyer says:

    You did well! Trust me, I had times in events that I always lose but by 3-4 in a row, MANY TIMES or I just needed to get a “particular” platoon to force a formation morale check. It happens to the best of us players, but the winning will come.

    Just keep up the great game play and you will succeed.


  • Red Alert says:

    Yes, 2x SA-13 more and you would have done it!

    You will get there, rather soon I think.

    It is like playing rock, scissor, paper. And the Soviets are always rock 🙂