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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Hasty Training

United States
General POTUS
VS United States

Shadow (US Mech - grey miniature) vs POTUS (US Armoured - green miniatures)
60pts Quick Missions - Free for All Scenario
4-3 win to Shadow.

At our regular club meet, we found ourselves short of Soviet players, so Shadow & I played a Quick Missions Blue on Blue game instead.

While I was able to pressure Shadows mech forces early - destroying & breaking two of his ITV units & drawing out his tank platoon, Shadow has able to pressure my largely undefended objectives with bold & fearless movement of his VADS.

The whirling tank battle between Abrams platoons - where we took it in turns to maneover into each other's flanks for rear shots - took a couple of turns before we had both ended up loosing a Platoon of tanks.

Some ineffectual dragon and ITV fire was a good distraction as a Shadow moved his VADS from objective to objective.

Shadow was able to exploit the undefended objective when my Tanks were over committed & unable to return to contest the objective. 4-3 win to Shadow :)

Round 1 General POTUS M1 advance, destroying two ITV & forcing another two to flee
Round 2 Shadow lays smoke and flanok charges into the side of POTUS's tanks leaving two in flames.
Round 3 POTUS's tanks reposition for flank shots. Two tanks destroyed.
Round 3 Shadows VADS break through to undefended objective. Swirling tank battle with Shadow & POTUS's tanks seeking rear armour shots. Eventually POTUS's tanks prevail. Shadows VADS chased off the objective by POTUS's HQ tank
Round 4 Shadows VADS reposition to othe objective
Round 5 Shadows HQ unit destroyed and VADS chased off the objective
Round 7 POTUS commits Tanks to pressure Shadows last ITV and dug in troops
Round 8 Shadows VADS exploit undefended Objective. POTUS's over committed tanks can not contest 4-3 win to Shadow

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United States


  • Leadgend says:

    To clarify about the blue on blue: General POTUS was playing for the Pact in the club firestorm campaign so the battle would have to have been entered differently here if he had won the game. As it was ShadowMK won for the US so the score comes up correct for the campaign despite being blue on blue on the table.

  • General POTUS says:

    Just a bad night – two Soviet players currently on overseas holidays, third player was home sick.

    Was a really fun game – thought I had him but over-reached

  • Storm Caller says:

    Blue on blue?

  • Tyler_MK says:

    Hey Fingolfen, yeah, we’re a little short of Pact players. But not for long, I think.

  • fingolfen says:

    Looked like a fun game… Are you guys a little short of Pact players?