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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Free for all, Brits Vs East German

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VS Warsaw Pact

Having pushed back the Russians, I rushed North to respond to the increasingly frantic calls about some rampaging East Germans, rushing to engage in a free for all outside of Frankfurt.
Focusing on defending against the large number of East Germans I deployed one infantry platoon on each objective with a further 2 milans on the hill in the centre of the table able to lay fire in either direction. the Cheiftains were split 5-4 on either side with swingfires supporting the weaker side.
The Germans deployed across the whole width of the table, with a mix of T72 and T55 heading towards each objective.

Phase 1 (turns 1/2, I think)
The Germans began there assault by pushing down each flank T55 in the lead with T72 pulling up the rear, on the left flank, Shilkas brought up the rear, while on the right infantry moved forward towards the objective, the opening salvo destroyed the 2 scorpions, but little else.
The Brits then moved to respond, there return fire devastated the leading T55's killing 2 and bailing 1 on the Left flank and killing 3 on the Right. The FV-432's raced towards the right flank to gun down the infantry.

Phase 2 (turns 2/3 probably)
The East Germans continued to push forward into the teeth of the British the ineffective fire with there made Soviet surplus ammunition bouncing off the armour of the British chieftains, killing just one although 3 transports were knocked out. The return fire from the Brits continued to devastate the the Russian tanks. crippling the assault on the L flank and holding off the attack on the Right. Things were looking up, one more turn of this and I would be able to push back on the Left flank striking out for the German objective.

Phase 3 (ok I admit it, I forgot to count turns.)
What went wrong! it was all going so well! some of the surviving T55s on the R flank managed to squeeze shots through to the Chieftains on the Left, killing one and bailing the other, the scout BMP's on the R managed to reach round and knock out 2 Swingfires while the fire from other BMP-2 and T72s managed to kill several chieftains on the R. At the beginning of my turn all of the bailed chieftains failed there remounts leading to my entire chieftain formation fleeing the table having loss just 3! tanks, out of 9.
with the surviving infantry failing there unpinning tests they were able to achieve little before being overwhelmed and forced off the objective on the Right.

It was going so well. The Germans were unlucky early on achieving little for a lot of losses, Unfortunately there were so many Germans on the table they were able to take the losses and hold on long enough to take the prize. The Brits on the other hand had one really bad turn, the Infantry continue to be Rock Hard. playing it again i'm not sure what else I could of done. The British need to hold on, blunt the Warsaw attack then strike back.

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