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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

British Intercept Russian Breakthrough

VS Warsaw Pact

Receiving the panicked radio calls from Captain Potus of the American forces that the Ruskies under the command of Grumpy had broken through his lines, (https://firestorm.warconsole.com/battles/general-potus-vs-grumpy-1502760709) the British Rapid Reaction Force moved to intercept, spotting the Russians as they advanced towards Bremen the British moved in.
Mission: Counterattack, British Defender.
The British Scimitars moved quickly to advance on the objective off on there flank, spearheading to allow forward deployment from a unit of Mech Infantry, The Command Chieftain and and a unit of rapiers occupied the objective within our deployment while a unit of 3 chieftains remained in ambush.
The Russians then emerged from the mist. A unit of BMP2 recon led the infantry on a charge up the left flank towards the open objective supported by vehicle mounted ATGMs while the 3! units of artillery began to range in. Finally a unit of 3 T-64's moved down the right flank to threaten the objective, The Hinds, frightened of the British AA loitered off the table.
The poorly trained Russian artillery found it hard to cause much damage to the British forces, the ATGM's devastated most of the Scimitars. The arrival of the British Chieftains from reserves led to the devastation of the assault on the left flank while after some initial stalemate the T-64's were able to knock out the 4 Chieftains on the right flank. Spotting the faltering flank the newly arrived Mech Infantry Charged across the Battlefield at reckless speed, while the Rapiers moved to sacrifice themselves to contest the objective for just enough time, with the rapiers falling left and right the Hinds struck knocking out the last of the chieftains. Fortunately for the people of the free world, the poor bloody infantry through themselves at the T-64's firing Carl-Gustav's and 66mm RPG's into the side armour of the tanks, along with some supporting Milans from the other unit, they were able to destroy and bail enough of the Russians to set them to flight regaining the objective and leaving the Russians with nothing close enough to counter attack.
Despite the large number of casualties, the British Army did its Job and held the line.

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