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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Total War in Saint Petersburg, part I

Warsaw Pact
Ilya Semionov
VS United States
Konstantin Vasilyev

We played a big 300+ points Total War battle in Saint Petersburg, and changed some rules to match it to the campaign. As we played 3 on 3, we decided to count it as three battles for the campaign, and also used the following rules:

We got three pairs of players. The armies were of different size, but in total they had same points value.

The two biggest armies from both sides played "against each other" for the sake of determining attacker/defender. The same was used for the middle-pointed armies and low-pointed armies.

The WarPac player in each pair rolled for attacker according to the local campaign conditions (it was two 3+ rolls and one 4+ roll, as these were games from 9 to 11. We got 2 WarPac players attacking and one defending.

Each attacking player placed an objective in the defender's deployment area (not closer than 12" from the table center line). After that the defender in the highest point level armies pair deployed his army, followed by the attacker in that pair, next the same thing for the middle-sized forces and the smallest ones.

We played a whole-day Total War, the objectives were to be scored at the end of the day only. So the NATO players needed to hold 2 objectives, and the WarPac ones defended one of their own.

The NATO forces had tank heavy armies of all the three NATO nations: US, UK and FRG.
WarPac got a big Soviet army...
A small Soviet army...
And a medium-sized GDR army!
The battlefield, so quiet and picturesque...
The first Soviet turn on the left (GDR) flank. Endless lines of T-55AM2s and 10 Mi-24s coming at the American Abrams tanks.
The West Germans held the center of the NATO positions.
The British Chieftains prepared to attack the small Soviet army holding the only WarPac objective.

The video from the WarPac side (in Russian), the NATO-biased video you'll find in the next part of the report!

See the second part of the Battle Report here: https://firestorm.warconsole.com/battles/ilya-semionov-vs-yevgeniy-lutai-1505848184#publish

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Warsaw Pact
Ilya Semionov