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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

The Americans didn't enjoy their Sunday cruise

Warsaw Pact
VS United States
American forces paying the price trying to take the objective

Soviet forces
HQ T-64
4 T-64's
4 T-64's
Mechanized Infantry
9 Bmp-2's with Infantry
2 Zsu-23's
2 Bmp-2 recon
2 Sa-13
3 Spandrel's

Opponent's Force's
Mechanized Infantry
3 platoons of Mechanized Infantry
4 M-1's
2 scout platoons
2 M-901's
3 M-106's
3 M-109's

American round 1
After using the spearhead rule for deployment. The American Commander pushed hard against my left flank. American reinforcement came in on their right flank. After all the shooting, left with one dead T-64.
Soviet round 1
Maneuvered one unit of T-64'S to get side shots on the M-1'S. Two of the tanks bogged, sloppy training on these replacement troops. Killed one of the M-1'S. Pushed the other T-64 unit up my right flank and killed the American FIRST.
American round 2
The Americans get more reinforcements to help their right flank. The M-1'S push on to the objective and get flanking shots on the two T-64'S that didn't bog. Two dead T-64's later need a good moral roll to save the game. Made the roll.
Soviet round 2
Moved the remaining T-64'S to flank the M-1'S while protecting the objective. Killed one and bailed one, forcing them out of good spirits. They stayed. Keep pushing the other T-64'S up the right flank taking potshots at the dug in Infantry.
American round 3
More reinforcements. M-1 fails to remount the remaining one moves for more flank shots. Their gunner must have been nervous, no hits. Infantry pushing though the woods to get to the objective. The transports engage my Bmp's. Some bails is all.
Soviet round 3
Rolled for reserve's, none to be seen.
Engage the M-1'S again this time finish them off. Pushed second unit of T-64'S up to engage the M-109's killing one and bailing a second one. Forcing a moral test which they failed.
American round 4
The last of the American reserve's. The M-901's, Vulcans and the M-106's. Both make a bee line to the exposed objective on their flank. One of the Infantry platoons try assaulting the first unit of T-64'S. Lose enough to force moral and they are of the board. M-113's and artillery shoot Bmp's killing two.
Soviet round 4
Finally reinforcements for me, Zsu-23's arrive.
Pushed​ on towards the exposed objective with the second unit of T-64'S. Move Bmp's out of artillery template. Keeping T-64's on the objective while killing some of the Vulcans.
American round 5
Move the M-109's on to the objective. Move the second Infantry platoon in for an assault, beat it back. Killed more of the Bmp's forcing them into a moral test. Fail that, leaving my Infantry with no transports. Moved remaining Vulcans and some M-113's to shoot dug in Infantry. Lost some of the Infantry.
Soviet round 5
The recon Bmp's arrive and try to shoot dug in Infantry.
Move second unit of T-64'S though the woods to shoot at the M901's killing one and bailing the second. I am now on the objective.They make moral. Shoot the transports with formation Commander and Infantry, forcing them to run.
American round 6
No more reserve's for the Americans​. They try one more assault. Finish all but one dragon team. M-106's move up to contest objective. Vulcans try to kill most Infantry, but miss.
Soviet round 6
Kill the last dragon team and the formation Commander. Bail one of the M-106's. With minimal forces left the American Commander concedes and leaves the battlefield. Pretty beat up but lost no units.

Costly objective.

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Warsaw Pact


  • Don Lunardi says:

    Nice work headcapping the General! ;P

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Nice reprot Jeremy! Always nice to see the Haven gang getting games in.

  • Hawk02 says:

    thanks for reporting, also for winning.
    It´s a nice, short report.
    Best regards, Frank.

  • Klute says:

    Great Report Jeremy…. I thought I had the game in round two with the Scouts. I assaulted, assaulted, and assaulted, and the dice gods were at the other table. Was fun and this game can change at a snap of finger. As always great gaming with you Jeremy. I should have my report up in 24 hours.

  • Jeremy says:

    Thank you fingolfen. I like the T-64’s over the T-72’s. They survive better against any of the Western tanks. Survived shots from leopard 2’s a few weeks ago. I feel they are worth the extra points.

  • bayankhan says:

    T64s are damned dangerous against Americans. At long range the T64 has to roll a ‘1’ to be killed, and to get to short range the Amis must move at full speed ahead, setting himself up for flanking fire from even lowly Spigots, and possibly for T64s themselves. And that’s without Songster to prod the Americans into moving. My T72s are about to be permanently relegated to VA.

  • fingolfen says:

    Nice first battle report – thanks for posting this one! How’d you like the T-64s?