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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

1st Royal Tank Regiment's C Squadron Destroyed by East German 1st Panzer Division

Warsaw Pact
Jorg Riv
VS British
Leo Colon

Good Evening

Updating this battle report now that the few pictures were downloaded and I have a few minutes before dinner is ready.

2 Forces consisted each of 100 points being novices neither took pictures before we started should have ben taking better action pictures of the turns.

My British Squadron is model after C Squadron, 1st Royal Tank Regiment, assigned to the 22nd Brigade of the UK1st Armored Division, the battalion was supported by the 1srt Bn. Scots Guards
Army List – British 1st Royal Tank Regiment Battle Group
HQ 1 Chieftain MBT 6 points
1st Troop 3 Chieftains 18 points 24 points
2nd Troop 3 Chieftains 18 points 42 points
Mech Platoon w/ 5 FV432, 2 Milan 9 points 51 points
Spartan Blowpipe 4 Spartan 6 points 57 points
Swingfire Troop 3 FV438 6 points 63 points
Harrier GR1 CAS 2 Harrier GR1 5 points 68 points
Lynx Heli Arm 4 Lynx TOW 14 points 82 points
Air Mobile HQ Command Team 2 points 84 points with 1 GPMG
Air Mobile Rifle 7 Points 91 points
Air Mobile Milan (4 Posts) 5 points 96 points
Scorpion Troop 2 points 98 points
Scimitar Troop 2 points 100 points

as best as I can remember
Leo Colon s East German T72

HQ 1 T-72
1st Co 7 T-72
2nd Co 8 T-72
Recon Co 4 BMP 1
Shilka 4 ZSU23/4
SA -13 2 Sa 13
Artillery 3 2S1
op Bmp1 Op
Air Landing Company 4 Mi 24
4 Ak74/
4 Rpg teams

we rolled defensive battle no withdrawal

Turn 1

Leo - using a Spearhead move by his recon company almost ended in disaster as they almost role into the mine fields (4 deployed). His Hinds attacked my Airmobile Platoon as they were getting deployed. Killing 2 Lynx, the 5 of the 6 teams survived.. his artillery failed to range in on my Spartan Blowpipe troop. His first company fired on the Spartan Blowpipe and destroyed that gallant little guy. The 2nd T-72 company went cross country through the forest and half of it failed bog checks, the rest came out into farm field and could take shots at my 1st platoon in the village. 5 shots 5 misses.

Getting the worst start ever, NO Reserves, My Chieftain commander and First Platoon were on the right side of the table protecting that objective. My Airmobile platoon disembarked and failed to unpin, it would remain pin down the entire game which did not matter in the end. The company Commander and 1st platoon fired 6 shots 4 kills, 1 bailed, 1 miss. The blowpipe Spartan displaced to protect the pinned infantry platoon. My Ambush platoon the Airmobile milan platoon pop out and took 4 shots and missed. there presence in the woods covering the minefields, was enough to eventually dissuade the attack from that end. The Scorpion/Scimitars of the Queens Dragoons bogged down in their position and were uselessly out of range due to my miss-positioning them.

Turn 2

tried bog checks of the 2nd Company and half failed, The Battalion Commander and 1st Company blitz moved towards the town, again shooting at the 4 Chieftains and missed again, the 2nd company fired again and failed to score anything. The Artillery tried to range in on the Village and fails.
2 reserves, my Swingfire troop come up and sets up for their role. The Harriers come and go after the artillery park, get shot 24 times with 3 hits from the ZSU 23/4, and I failed to save them both are a smoking hole on the ground, the scorpions/scimitars make their bog check and proceed around the flank where again half of them bog down. The Company Commander and 1st Platoon fire again 8 shots with 3 hits and all fire powers fail. Milan platoon shoots a 2 t-72 from 1st Company and kill 1, and shooting at the Battalion commander fail to hit it.

Turn 3

Moves his 1st Company and manages to make bog checks attacks the chieftains on the flank and fails to hit anything, the remaining 2nd Company tanks final clear the forest and join the others shooting at the first platoon bailing one of the tanks. His Hinds attack the Chieftains and fail to get any hits, a miraculous shot from the AA machine guns manages to shot down a hind with no survivors. The shots into the other chieftains from the 1st company fail to hit.

get 1 reserve, my 2nd Chieftain Platoon comes on and drives up the road firing as they go, killing 2 T72. the Swingfire troop fires and kills 3 T72, the First Platoon fires and kills 2 T-72 from 2nd Company and 1 From 1st Company. I have failed to force him away from the objective. and my closest tank is 4 1/2 away.

Turn 4

Leo - wins due to his 1st Company being an inch away, he move his tanks around with the remaining tanks from both company successfully passing all bog check they surround the first platoon, and company commander,

6-1 Win for the Warsaw Pact.

Lesson learned
Poor placement of my Air defense allowed a devastating attack on my Lynx, Scorpions/Scimitars were useless because I was going to use them to flank him and failed to in bog them. HINDs are devastating but I have a solutions for them, RAPIER Missile Battery on order.... MUHHHHAAAAA. His artillery did not range in, but it taught me that Artillery is a must,

Kind of sucks that the British Artillery does not get minefields.

misuse of my Harriers, cost me a valued resource.
the LYNX tow flight that was hoping would come in never made on the table, Should have deployed them first.

two Lynx dead after getting caught on the ground by the Hinds
its over but the crying

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Leo Colon


  • Baron says:

    I liked your report and I completely support your game style fellow DDR Commander!
    Looking forward to reading more reports from you with hopefully some more pictures of your beautifull army!

  • Hawk02 says:

    Hello, thanks for reporting.
    I like the spliting report into turns.
    Yes and luck is also a part of the war ;).
    Regards, Frank.

  • Jorg Riv says:

    tried changing it could not once its made public will keep that in mind for the next time.

  • bayankhan says:

    Looks like you didn’t toggle the enemy correctly when you filled out the basic battle form. If you want this to count in the overall match you’ll have to edit the opposing force to NATO. Otherwise great report.

  • AlohaRover says:

    Grats on the win