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Firestorm: Red Thunder

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

West German 1st PanzerAuflklarung Vs Russian T72 Battalion

Warsaw Pact
Jorg Riv
VS Warsaw Pact
Nathan Novak
West German 3 Panzer Company
Soviet T-72 BN


Playing our Second Game here in Florida, Nathan wanted the Soviet Battalion and rolled a dice to see if he was fighting an M1 or Panzer Company, his dice skills, started his night.. he rolled to fight the West German Leopard 1 company. there is a group of 5 Sergeants on my shift that gather after work and play, I have several armies that are available to all of us.

Jorge's 3rd Panzer Kompanie, 11th Panzer Bn, 1th Panzer Grenadier Brigade
HQ 1 Leopard 1 3 points*
1. 1st Zug 3 Leopard 1 9 Points
2. 2nd Zug 3 Leopard 1 9 points
3. 2nd Zug 3 Marder 7 points
4. Jaguar 2 Jaguar 2 3 points
5. LARS Bty 4 LARS 6 Points
6. M113 Op 1 M113 1 point
7. Roland 2 Roland 3 points
8. Fliegerfaust 2 Teams 2 points
9. PAH Helo 2 Helo 7 points
50 points

Nathan's Soviet: T72 Tank Bn
HQ 1 T72 5 points
T-72 Company 4 T72 17 points
T-72 Company 4 T72 17 points
BMP 1 Company 4 BMP1 6 points
BMP-1 Recce 3 BMP1R 3 points
ZSU 2 ZSU23/4 2 points
50 points

turn 1
Nate Squared- started off with a bang, and managed to avoid the two minefields, Deployed my BMP company on the left to take and cover that flank and get that objective, the Battalion Commander and 1st T72 company went up the middle for a quick march following a successful Spearhead move. 3 shots at the concealed Company Commander and nothing sticks to him.
on my Right my 2nd T-72 Company hits the mine field and I rolled three amazing skill test (I used up my luck), to my surprise there are three Leopard 1 in the tree line, 4 shots and 2 are dead,

Jorge's Turn
Rolled for reserves and got my LARS battery, deployed my ambush, my Jaguar 2 fire at the T72 on the Left an amazing 2 kills (after Nathan's Snake eyes), the Sole remaining Leo 1 of the first platoon, stays and takes two shots, 1 hit and 1 bounce, another snake eyes rolled.
The 2nd Leo platoon comes out of hiding in the town, manage 6 shots 3 hits 3 bounces, Nathan rolls 2 snake eyes and save the 3rd company is down to 2 tanks.

Turn 2,
Nathan takes my Irish Guard Dice and say "tough luck" shots and kills the 1st Platoon Commander, shots at the Jaguars with his Shilkas and gets a big fat 0, the rest of his shots blew as well. I think at this point he threw the dice somewhere and broke out the Jameson out of the Fridge.

Jorge's get my reserves my PAH helicopters come in and shot at the lone T72 of the First Company, and get nothing, the Jaguars shot 1 hit 1 miss and the T-72 is toast after another failed save,
the center the LARS battery ranges in on the first try and with the Spotter in place get a great roll
the entire 1st Company is under the template as is the left most Shilka, everything is hit, the Company Commander Saves and everything else dies as a salvo of 1s are rolled,

Turn 3
Soviet 1st company stays fires down the road and kill the Platoon Commanders Marder on the road.
The Battalion Commander moves around the wreckage and shoots at the Company Commander and misses. The Shilka is outside the range of the PAHs moves and rolls an unprecedented 4 snake eyes, (Nathan pours more Whiskey) The BMPs are out of range and move around that farm house with one stalling in the woods edge.
The PAH Helicopters attack the Battalion Commander hit, the 1st company commander is nearby and the hit is diverted, the Company Commander dies a horrible death ( we may have that hit allocation wrong) the second PAH fires at the pesky shilka which is out his range and miss, the Jaguars fire good bye mister Shilka. The BMP company finally draw my attention, they clearly visible from my Observer and the LARS battery ranges in hits 3 vehicles, and a miraculous save the company commander lives, the 4 dismounts manage to bail out,

Turn 4
the Battalion Commander is the sole tank on the Soviet side, (I hate these dices, ordering more) shoots a 2 platoon leopard that is partially concealed and bounce, the Dismounts and BMP move towards the town,


The company Commander and all the Leopards go hunting coming out of hiding and zero in on the Battalion Commander and the BMP Company, the LARS Battery shoots all teams of the BMP battery are under the template, 2 vehicles 4 infantry teams. both vehicles blow up, 3 team die, the dismounts 1 team saves the company is down to the command team and an RPG team. The battalion commander is shot at by 3 leopards and get 5 hits, 1 save 4 hit 4 6s battalion Commander dead.


Nathan - need to stay clear of the minefields, need artillery on my force, and better dice,

Jorge - the leopard 1 impressed me not sure that they would have survived with his better dice rolls but I will take the victory

LARS battery pays back the loss of the 1st Platoon
lone survivors about to be captured
the A shift Sergeant meeting has come to a close.

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Warsaw Pact
Jorg Riv